IZ*ONE’s crowdfunding for group relaunch gets mixed reaction from netizens despite crossing double its mark

Updated on Apr 21, 2021 10:59 PM IST  |  708K
IZ*ONE’s crowdfunding for group relaunch gets mixed reaction from netizens despite crossing double its mark

After the heartbreaking announcement of IZ*ONE disbanding in March, fans have been feeling apprehensive and sad for IZ*ONE members. The group is just two and a half years old and has already won major show awards and created a loyal fanbase across the world. But, fans seemingly have found a way out of this situation. South Korean fans started a crowdfunding campaign on WADIZ (think of it as a Korean equivalent of GoFundMe) to support the members. 


In just 10 minutes, the campaign, called Parallel Universe Project, reached 73% of its goal, as WIZONES collected a whopping 737,855670 KRW, approx $659,271 USD! At the time of writing this, the campaign has crossed its goal and now stands at an achievement rate of 211% with 2,113,268,712 KRW funding achieved - which is approximately an alarming 2 million dollars, around $1,890,400 USD!



While this is all done to help the 12 members relaunch as IZ*ONE and hopes to stop their disbandment, it has left the netizens divided. Some believe it’s the fans being selfish and restricting the members to have a fresh start, while some just do not believe in it. Read some comments on the popular online forum The Qoo below: 


"What are they going to do with this money? It seems a lot to us but the labels won't budge with that amount."


"The members chose the project group, but it's only selfish that the fans are blocking the chance to restart."


"Wow… that’s collective madness."


"They’re choosing their own future. Why are fans blocking their way?"


"Did the members want it in the first place?ㅋㅋ The members + their affiliates decided to stop by themselves, but it's ridiculous to push them back."


"If it was going to be with money, would it have been disbanded? The money the agency invested in the group is dozens of times that."


"This puts the members in an awkward position. The members likely have their own plans for another group after IZ*ONE disbands."


The donations, for now, are only limited to domestic citizens of South Korea. The funding will be used in a three-step plan - 


First: Contacting individual members’ agency and negotiating with them with the help of funding

Second: Give the fans who donated in the funding an online certificate marking their contribution

Third: Email the fans and keep them up-to-date with the discussions and new information as to when they arise with the companies


The funding will be open for 60 days more. The way WIZONES have already raised 2 million dollars in just one day, it’ll be incredible to see how much they can raise by the end of the Parallel Universe Project. 


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