JAY B x Jay Park 1 on 1 interview: Jay Park tells JAY B to freely pursue whatever he wants to do musically

Updated on May 22, 2021 09:28 AM IST  |  476.6K
JAY B attending the rehearsal of KBS2's Music Bank
JAY B attending the rehearsal of KBS2's Music Bank, courtesy of News1

Earlier this month, it was officially announced that JAY B has signed with Jay Park's H1GHR Music Records for all his future activities as a solo artist. This came as no surprise because rumours were already afloat regarding this association almost a month before the official announcement. However, when it was declared to be true, fans could not be happier. H1GHR Music Records boasts of artists like pH-1, SIK-K, BIG Naughty and more and JAY B would make the perfect addition to this already incredible roster of artists.

On May 21, H1GHR Music Records released a 1 on 1 interview video of JAY B and Jay Park where the two shared their aspirations, anxieties and hopes for the future of JAY B as an artist. When asked what JAY B was looking forward to the most, he answered quite quickly that he was most excited about having artistic freedom and that he wanted to make a lot of music under the name JAY B. His goal at the moment is to work hard sincerely and keep going. Regarding his impression about H1GHR Music, JAY B shared that in his opinion H1GHR is where all the trendy and hip artists are. He had listened to the compilation album as soon as it dropped and almost immediately he thought that he'd like to be where all the people he admired were. Jay Park is instantly giddy, making sure to add that the compilation album was his idea to begin with. JAY B adorably calls him hyung, making us wish for a collaboration even more.

JAY B further expressed how he was worried about fitting into H1GHR considering that he was a vocalist, even though he can rap and is open to new possibilities. He added that seeing Jay Park himself gave him the reassurance to be confident about his place as he has always had huge respect for Jay Park, having come from similar b-boying backgrounds. As long as he worked as hard as his hyung, he figured he'd do well.

Jay Park shared that even though he was worried about both JAY B and Yugyeom, he quickly changed his mind as the synergy between them was so perfect and that all he wanted was for JAY B to freely do whatever he wanted to do

You can watch the full interview here:

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