Jay Park posts another apology for offending fans with his lyrics in Mukkbang

Updated on May 28, 2021 04:45 PM IST  |  645.5K
Artist Jay Park at MBN x AOMG press conference
Jay Park at the press conference of MBN X AOMG. (Pic Credits: News1)

Jay Park is widely recognised as an a rapper, songwriter, producer and founder of two hip hop record labels, AOMG and H1GHR MUSIC. he is also widely known for bridging the gap between Korean and American hiphop culture and is praised for the same too. But, he has recently been under fire. His collaboration in December 2020 has led many of his Muslims fans to be offended. He released a song with Lil Cherry & GOLDBUUDA titled ‘Mukkbang! Remix’, where the three artists took part in writing lyrics for the song, along with artists BIBI and Dumbfounded. Fans found a part of the lyrics to be extremely offensive - where he compared himself with Allah. They brought it to his notice and demanded an apology. 


The lyrics in ‘Mukkbang! Remix’ came up on social media and the verse that is the most problematic is Jay Park’s. He raps, “Grabbin' a fork likе oh my God / Look like you seen a Holy Ghost / Jaw drop, I can never fall off / Worship mе like Allah / Get it done like wallah.” In Islam, even thinking of any other human, spiritual, non-material thing on this planet as Allah, is the biggest sin. People were quick to respond and bash the rapper, demanding an apology and for the song to be taken off the internet. 


Jay Park, a few hours ago, uploaded a sincere apology, stating that he understood why the lyrics were offensive. He also stated that the intention wasn’t to offend people or disrespect them or any religion. Read his apology tweet below: 



In another tweet, he also thanked those who “were kind enough to explain” to him about his offensive lyrics. 



This apology has left many fans divided. Especially Muslim fans as some say they forgive him for educating himself, apologizing and hoping he doesnt repeat the mistake again. While others still demand a better apology and to either change the lyrics of the song or to take it off the internet. 


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