Jennie clear of accusation of flouting rules, Oh My Girl comeback, Xiumin MC & more: DAILY HIGHLIGHTS

There’s a lot that went down on April 16. While the bigger news was always right in our face, here are some other news of the K-Pop industry you might have missed out on.
BLACKPINK member Jenny at an award show Jennie clear of accusation of flouting rules, Oh My Girl comeback, Xiumin MC & more: DAILY HIGHLIGHTS
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Among the bigger news such as Park Seo Joon joining the upcoming movie, Concrete Utopia with Park Bo Young, ENHYPEN releasing their comeback tracklist, Suzy and Shin Dong Yup as 57th Baeksang Arts Awards hosts and Son Ye Jin and Jeon Mi do in talks for being in a new drama, there is other news that might have been overshadowed by them. 

Be up to date with the K-Industry with us. Take a look at the other stories below: 

Upcoming drama ‘Dear.M’ to tentatively release in August 2021

After much speculation and delay, KBS produced drama ‘Dear.M’ has been planned for an on-air launch in August. The drama was supposed to be aired much earlier in February 2021 but was put on delay following bullying allegations against lead actor Park Hye Soo. Another contributing factor for anticipation is that it marks the acting debut of Idol Jaehyun, a member of the hit group NCT. The show is a sequel to the hit series ‘Playlist’, and spins a tale about young college students coming to terms with school, love, friendship, and life.


BLACKPINK’s Jennie in the clear, following allegations of rule flouting

Jennie bore the brunt of hate when it was assumed that she broke the rules of social distancing. Accusations flew when she posted pictures on Instagram, featuring several people having ice cream, on a trip to an arboretum in Gyeonggi Province. It has recently been confirmed that Jennie was on a special business trip, and therefore rules that concerned cancelling a congregation of more than 5 people, were not applicable. 


Oh My Girl confirm their full comeback in May!

After approximately a year, Oh My Girl’s agency WM Entertainment told media outlets that Oh My Girl will be making a comeback on May 10. Sources also stated that they will be back with their patent ‘spring fairy’ concept. Their latest hits include ‘Nonstop’ and ‘Dolphin’.


EXO’s Xiumin confirmed to be a fixed MC on the variety show, Night With Shin

According to Newsen, EXO's Xiumin has been confirmed to be a regular MC for the variety show ‘Night with Shin’, produced by SM C&C. The theme of the show is that the hosts invite Korean celebrities from different backgrounds for a round of drinks and talk with them about life and other things. Currently, the only host on the show is Shin Dong Yup, who’s joined by comedians Lee Yong Jin and Park Sun Young. The latest episode of ‘Night with Shin’ will see Girls’ Generation’s Sunny and Xiumin as guests. However, Xiumin will be a fixed member of the cast and crew starting next week!

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