Jeon So Min receives hate from BLINKS after dancing with BLACKPINK on Running Man

After BLACKPINK’s appearance on comic show Running Man, BLINKS are trolling Jeon So Min for dancing with the group as the “5th member” and jokingly kicking Jisoo.
Jeon So Min trolled after dancing with BLACKPINK on Running ManJeon So Min receives hate from BLINKS after dancing with BLACKPINK on Running Man
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Jeon So Min recently has been receiving hate comments after BLACKPINK's Running Man appearance. BLACKPINK featured as guests on the latest episode of SBS' Running Man, and actress Jeon So Min joined the YG Entertainment girl group as they danced to Lovesick Girls during their introduction. It seems some viewers did not appreciate her acting as the "fifth member" of BLACKPINK as she's receiving a lot of hate comments on Instagram.


Jeon So Min and Jisoo also faced off against each other for a physical challenge, and the actress jokingly kicked the BLACKPINK member lightly. However, some netizens expressed outrage over the action, asking why she was kicking Jisoo, according to AllKPop.


This is not the first time Min is facing hate comments, the actress took a hiatus from Running Man earlier this year, and it's suspected she had to take a break due to malicious comments. Producers of the show also closed down its online message board allegedly because of malicious comments against the actress. 


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Anonymous 1 month ago

I hate how some people don’t understand running man content and they will just be saying stupid shit. Running man is about joking around and having fun and if some people can’t handle it they should just don’t watch the show instead of them leaving a fucking hate comments

Anonymous 1 month ago

it was a penalty for Somin because she lost on previous episode. So, she have to dance with them and copy Lisa's dance. You pathetic Blinks should be grateful because Blackpink's Lovesick Girl viewers increase since they attend as Running Man's guest on episode 525.

Anonymous 1 month ago

Sorry I just can't take it anymore... Those kind of people who knows only blackpink and nothing other are so immature, they're just making an issue, they don't know anything about the industry of variety shows.

Anonymous 1 month ago

Stupid response to a funny show episode that all were playing along with.....

Anonymous 1 month ago

To those haters whether they are fans of Blackpink or not; cyberbullying is never okay and should never be tolerated so karma will find you...