Ji Chang Wook Instagram: From selca to Backstreet Rookie BTS photo; Actor's most liked posts from 2020

Ji Chang Wook's Instagram is a potpourri of photos and videos. But we look at the Backstreet Rookie star's most-liked photos from 2020.
Ji Chang Wook Instagram: From selca to Backstreet Rookie BTS photo; Actor's most liked posts from 2020
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Ji Chang Wook is one of the many Korean drama actors who has our heart. The actor's smile sweeps us away every time and don't even get us started about his acting! While we miss him on the big screen, we often find ourselves visiting his Instagram account and drooling over him. Turns out, we aren't the only ones! Ji Chang Wook is one of the most followed Korean drama actors on Instagram today. The actor, who was last seen in Backstreet Rookie this year, boasts of over 14 million Instagram followers. 

Despite his inactiveness on the platform lately, fans have been showering him with love through different Instagram posts. However, there are a few posts which have received more love than the others. Today, we decided to look at five of his most-liked posts on Instagram from this year. Note: This data is as of October 16. Numbers are likely to change after this article is posted. Also, these posts exclude professional photoshoots for magazines and videos.  

The most liked post of them all sees Ji Chang Wook taking a quirky selca in his car. While we gazed at his flawless face, we couldn't help but notice the uninvited photo bomber in the frame. Check it out below: 




A post shared by 지창욱 (@jichangwook) on

The second most-liked photo has the actor joining fellow Korean drama actors like Lee Min Ho and Woo Do Hwan to thank the medical authorities working hard against the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. 



안녕하세요 배우 지창욱입니다. 강하늘 배우의 지목을 받아 뜻깊은 릴레이에 참여하게 되었습니다. 코로나19로 힘든 나날이 이어지는 중에도 우리가 안심하며 일상을 보낼 수 있는 것은 그 누구보다 위기 극복에 힘써주시는 의료진 여러분 덕분입니다. 진심으로 감사하고 존경합니다. 최고의 의료진 여러분 모두 무사하고 건강하게 그리고 잠시나마 웃을 수 있는 기쁨이 있는 하루하루이길 바랍니다. 모두 건강한 일상 보내길 바라며, 고생해 주시는 의료진분들에게 존경의 마음을 담은 #덕분에챌린지 에 동참해주세요. #의료진덕분에 #덕분에캠페인 다음 주자는 이 글을 보는 여러분입니다. 따뜻한 응원을 이어주세요 :)

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The third on the list comes from the sets of Backstreet Rookie. The actor was seen going gaga in the behind-the-scene photos. He thanked his fans for showing him and his show their support. 



자알 놀았다아!!! 즐거웠어요 :) 그동안 감사했습니다

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The fourth and fifth posts in the list share the number of likes and again see Ji Chang Wook solo. While one is from the sets of the SBS drama from this year, the other sees the actor posing of the cameras. Check it out below: 



웃어 봅시다아 

A post shared by 지창욱 (@jichangwook) on



 - #newbin_ar #뉴빈2호

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Stay tuned to Pinkvilla for more updates. 

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