JIHYO’s cover of Camila Cabello’s Crown, Taemin’s thoughts on his album Advice & more: DAILY HIGHLIGHTS

Published on May 19, 2021 12:13 AM IST  |  396.3K
A still from JIHYO's performance project cover of Camila Cabello and Grey's 'Crown'

The start of the week must look hectic, right? Well, our Daily Highlights segment is here for you to just scroll and be up-to-date with the industry you love the most - the Korean entertainment industry! We’re curating bite-sized stories for you so that you don’t miss out on any key moment that happened today, on May 18! Read on. 


Next up in BTS X McDonald’s concept poster reveal is the eldest member, Jin 


McDonald’s started their BTS Meal promotion a few days ago with members’ solo concept posters starting from yesterday. While they posted the leader RM’s photo eating a chicken nugget first, today they released a photo of Jin drinking a coke in a printed light yellow and black shirt. They captioned it perfectly right by saying - ‘Jin checking in, still handsome’. Check out the tweet below:



JIHYO makes a fierce yet elegant cover of Camila Cabello and Grey’s ‘Crown’ in her Performance Project


Aside from day-to-day activities, TWICE started segments called ‘Melody Project’ and ‘Performance Project’ where individual members’ skills are showcased and emphasized. JIHYO today released her cover of ‘Crown’, a song by Camila Cabello and Grey. She’s the second member to release a performance project video after Momo. The singer looks incredible in the video, slaying each dance move and flowing through them as if on air. The choreography is fierce, seductive yet all levels of elegance, while her deep voice makes the song and the ambience two times better. Watch JIHYO’s Performance Project below: 



JYP Entertainment takes action against people violating Stray Kids’ privacy


Taking infringement of human rights and privacy of their band Stray Kids seriously, JYP Entertainment has released a strong statement. The agency had previously warned people that they would be taking serious legal action if things didn’t stop. Today, they have revealed that despite their warnings, some people kept spreading rumours and falsehoods against the members that affected them. With the services of investigative agencies, evidence and testimonies had been obtained of people “routinely violating” the members’ rights. They also stated that they plan to take serious legal action, whether criminal or civil and offer no leniency. They also requested fans to report any evidence or misdoing they come across.


First photo of EXO’s Baekhyun in the military service released


Korea Army Training Center has uploaded a picture of new recruits, and EXO’s Baekhyun is a part of them. In the picture, Baekhyun features a cropped haircut, and is making a ‘V’ sign while posing at the camera. Since he has a condition called hypothyroidism, he will work as a public service worker post his three weeks of training, and not active military service. Baekhyun is the sixth member in line to enlist in military service, following D.O., Xiumin, Suho, Chen and Chanyeol.


EVERGLOW unveils an intriguing trailer for upcoming album ‘Last Melody’


EVERGLOW today released a rather mystifying and intriguing trailer of their upcoming single album ‘Last Melody’. It features the members in a large deserted location, with many different elements, especially a massive rock which pulsates with a bright light, clearly representative of the group. The album features three tracks, including the title track ‘First’, and is scheduled to release on May 26. With various intriguing concept photos and now this excellent trailer, the album has been receiving a lot of hype from the audience.



SHINee’s Taemin talks about his latest album being a ‘hope’ for the fans


Taemin is just about to enlist for military service, and has released a new mini-album ‘Advice’ for the fans, which is already topping charts. In a Q&A interview, Taemin said that out of the five tracks in the album, his favourite one is ‘Strings’. When asked about a word for the fans at the end of the interview, he said that he hopes ‘Advice’ will give comfort to him while he’s gone, since this will be his last album before enlistment. Taemin will enlist in the military on May 31. 


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