From Jimin to Taeyong; Here are the male Korean pop idols who are ace makeup and crush gender norms

Updated on Sep 06, 2021 03:12 PM IST  |  182.1K
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From Jimin to Taeyong; Here are the male Korean pop idols who are ace makeup and crush gender norms

Breaking gender norms and looking fabulous while doing it isn’t an easy feat but our favourite Korean pop stars never disappoint. In 2021, K pop icons have redefined the standards of makeup and beauty in the industry in the most savage way. Not only this, but they have also started expressing themselves through makeup and fashion, just as they do with their music. Male artists use makeup as a tool of expression just as much as a female artist would in the Korean industry. Today, we’re looking back at the top pop icons that use makeup to the best of their abilities. Scroll down to see if your favourites made the list.


Hyojong’s E’Dawn: When there comes a list of makeup pros, it’s almost impossible to not mention a star like Hyojong, making fans blush with his blush and eyeshadows and even lippies, the icon has redefined the role of beauty for men completely. 


BTS’ Jimin: Jimin isn’t only the king of music and style but also a rising star of beauty and makeup. Stunning eyeshadows with multifaceted dimensions and versatility add to every look the pop icon carries. 


NCT’s Taeyong:  The one who can pull off anything and everything is an obvious inclusion in this list. Taeyong is a chameleon not only with fashion and hair, but also when it comes to makeup, changing his looks around every time there’s a comeback on the way in order to fit the new concept. 


EXO’s Baekhyun: From rock punk sweet romantics, Baekhyun’s talent in the makeup department are just as versatile as the star’s music and style. From glitter to grunge, the idol has rocked every look flawlessly. 


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