Jirisan Ep 9 & 10: 3 new updates in Jun Ji Hyun and Joo Ji Hoon’s quest for the killer

Published on Nov 22, 2021 04:58 PM IST  |  243.2K
Jirisan' character poster
Jirisan' character poster : courtesy of tvN

After going through a forest wildfire that almost ends up killing Kang Hyun Jo, the latest episodes give some much-needed explanation while also leaving us with more questions. Someone was targeting Kang Hyun Jo who has the secret that allows him to be able to see the killings on the mountain and only Seo Yi Gang knows about it.

1. Missing ranger:
Lee Da Won is nowhere to be found however there was a familiarity in her voice when she spoke to the man with the infamous yoghurt in his hand. The distinct logo of the rangers was also seen on the jacket of the man in question, making us believe it was someone known. Soon it was revealed to be Jo Dae Jin (Sung Dong Il), the commander of the gang. In the end, Go Min Si’s character faces an unfair death on Jirisan.

2. The Black Bridge Village:
The story of how a village lied at the expense of a modernising world was unfolded. With cable cars coming in, a portion of the mountain had to be removed and multiple lives were lost. The bad omen stays till today and people fear to go up North towards the village. Jo Dae Jin’s life story is also revealed a little as someone who holds regret in his heart.

3. The child:
A child can be seen throughout the episode. At the very end, he is all grown up and in remorse for the hometown that he lost at the hands of the renovators who uprooted his house and the surroundings under the pretext of a better life. The man now puts on gloves, similar to the ones Kang Hyun Jo has been spotting in his visions. The excitement is at an all-time high as we think the killer’s face may have been revealed after all.

Who do you think is the killer? Do you also suspect Jo Dae Jin?

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