Jo Byung Gyu, SVT Mingyu & more: K celebs embroiled in false bullying controversies; Is this a cover up?

More and more Korean celebrities are getting involved in bullying controversies. What could be the reason behind this?
Jo Byung Gyu, SVT Mingyu & more: K celebs embroiled in false bullying controversies; Is this a cover up?
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In recent times, an extraordinary number of Korean celebrities have been embroiled in controversies regarding school violence, aggression, harassment and bullying and the trend seems to have no end. It all started with the 'The Uncanny Counter' star Jo Byung Gyu being accused of the same by a former classmate who apparently went to the same school as the actor when he was in New Zealand. He was also accused of verbal aggression and inappropriate behavior. However, once his company made an open statement threatening legal action against malicious posts, the poster apparently came forward to admit that the posts were all falsified. Soon after, another Netizen came forward to accuse Jo Byung Gyu of bullying and harassment and firmly stated that they were not going to back down regardless of legal threats. In the same week, it was "revealed" through an anonymous post on a popular online community that SEVENTEEN's Mingyu was part of a group of bullies during his time at Burim High School. Pledis Entertainment also responded fairly quickly, stating that those accusations were false and baseless and that there were discrepancies between the poster's narrative and the reality. Next came (G)I-DLE's Soojin who was accused by a former classmate of bullying and violence. Soojin was the first to respond to these accusations herself, admitting to and apologising for the parts where she felt she was at fault and sternly denying those that were not. However, it doesn't end there. Actress Kim So Hye was also accused at the same time of school violence to which, her company responded by saying that this was not the first time something like this had happened. On an earlier occasion, 10 people were caught but since the actress did not want to sue them, they were let go. This time, on the other hand, the offenders would be strictly punished. 

It is certainly strange that so many celebrities, mostly at the peak of their success, are facing an insurgence of bullying accusations against them at around the same time. Oftentimes, such celebrity controversies are used as cover-ups and distractions from more serious news headlines in the nation. A celebrity's mental health is highly reliant on their sense of relevance and the support from their fans. However, fans too, are quick to turn their backs in the light of controversies that land them in a grey area. Besides, false accusations take away from the validity of the lived experiences of very real victims who are now less likely to be believed and understood. While accountability is important, ostracising is toxic. We hope justice finds those who deserve it and that includes celebrities who are being falsely accused.

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