A journey of 2 years 6 month ends today; IZ*ONE bids tear jerking farewell to fans; Japanese members fly home

Published on Apr 29, 2021 06:55 PM IST  |  649.9K
IZ*ONE performing on stage.
IZ*ONE has officially disbanded. Above they're pictured at a performance on stage via News1.

In June 2018, Produce 48, third season of the South Korean reality competition show Produce 101, brought together 96 girls from idol groups and entertainment companies in Japan and South Korea to form a 12-person Korean-Japanese group that would be active for two and a half years. The show started with 96 contestants, who were initially grouped into several classes. After several episodes of competitions and eliminations, on August 31 the same year, the show gave us - Kwon Eunbi,  Sakura Miyawaki, Kang Hyewon, Choi Yena, Lee Chaeyeon, Kim Chaewon, Kim Minju, Nako Yabuki, Hitomi Honda, Jo Yuri, An Yujin and Jang Wonyoung - the 12-member girl group IZ*ONE.

With Off the Record and Swing Entertainment as their management teams, they debuted on October 29, 2018 with the EP COLOR*IZ. 2 years 6 months have passed since then. The girls have made some very beautiful music and proved their worth with many laurels. However, all promotional activities have been stopped as of April 29, 12 AM KST. In such a short time, the group gained a very loyal fan base that tried every means possible to stop the disbandment but to no avail. A shadow of gloom is surrounding WIZ*ONEs since the first announcement of the disbandment in March 2021.

The members of the girl group might be the saddest right now. Spending more than two years of time with each other, sharing happiness and struggles, is bound to create very strong bonds between people. On her Bay FM radio show Tonight, Under the Cherry Blossom Tree, on April 28, former member Miyawaki Sakura read letters from fans. She also shared her feelings of loneliness and other feelings that haven't made themselves known. Having no schedule for about a year, the girls spent time with each other in the dorms or going on vacations. She comforted the fans, "It's the end, but it's also a new beginning." For all the fans still unable to accept it, she advised to stay a while in that time period but to "come back to this world when you are ready".

After the group was dissolved, Japanese members Miyawaki Sakura, Yabuki Nako, and Honda Hitomi prepared to return home. They were aboard a flight to Japan on April 29 at 11 AM KST via Incheon International Airport.

This is a new beginning for all the members of the former girl group. For all the readers who were WIZ*ONEs and those who enjoyed the music they made, the baton is passed on to you to make sure that their beautiful times are always remembered.

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Credits: News1