JTBC’s ‘Snowdrop’ reportedly finishes filming; Blue House releases statement about the national petition

Updated on Jul 28, 2021 06:43 PM IST  |  575.6K
HaeIn & Jisoo at events
Jung Hae In and Jisoo at events : courtesy of News1

‘Snowdrop’ is on its way and we think it will be here very soon!

K-drama fans rejoice, we finally have an update about the filming of the upcoming drama ‘Snowdrop’. And this one might be to your liking, The highly anticipated drama series has reportedly completed its shooting schedule. 

This comes after the rumours of ‘Snowdrop’ being released on 3 Dec were doing the rounds on the internet. Several staff members who reportedly work on the shooting location and are a part of the crew seem to have uploaded thank you messages from the last scheduled day of the filming. Parting and appreciation notes were shared in multiple online communities making the fans believe that the shooting is done and the release of the drama may not be too far anymore.

The filming of the star-studded drama began in December last year and soon faced flak online for defaming a sensitive topic in South Korea’s history of democracy. The broadcasting channel, JTBC, clarified their portrayal of the story and decided to change the name of one of their main characters. A petition was filed at the Blue House and they have now released a statement with regards to it. 

The Blue House statement mentions the participation of approximately 220,000 citizens in the petition. It stated JTBC’s stand that the information online was due to incomplete synopsis of the drama and its character sketches. The statement also said that the drama in question is currently not released but in the production stage. 

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