JTBC's upcoming drama Monthly Magazine Home releases stills ahead of premiere

Stills of Jung So Min and Kim Ji Seok's first meeting give us a glimpse into their love-hate relationship.
The official poster of Monthly Magazine Home The official poster of Monthly Magazine Home, courtesy of JTBC
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"Because This Is My First Life" star Jung So Min is reuniting with her Drama Special "Came to Me and Became a Star" co-star Kim Ji Seok in  JTBC's new Wednesday-Thursday drama "Monthly Magazine Home" set to premiere on June 16.

Ahead of the premiere, the stills of the actors' first meet were unveiled. It revealed the beginning of a relationship that left an unforgettable impression on the people involved. According to the preview video of the first episode released on June 2, their first meeting took place in a rather difficult scene of forcible execution of real estate delivery.

While on a business trip abroad, Na Young Won heard the news that the magazine she was working at had been shut down. To make matters worse, people with orders for execution of the real estate deliveries came in saying that the house had been put up for auction. She tried to protest but was kicked out of the house in the end with only a hoodie, sweatpants and slippers on her body. There was only one thing Young Won could do right away. It was to run towards Yu Ja Seong, the demonic new owner of the house, and try to appeal to her unfair and angry feelings.  In this way, Ja Seong was hit with the completely overturned meat inside the bag that Young Won threw.  To make matters worse, Young Won found out that Ja Seong is the CEO of the new magazine, "Monthly House", she joined for work.

Both the lead characters are different from each other, and their interests often conflict with one another. For instance, Ja Seong is very successful in the real estate business, and he believes that a house is just a place to sleep or relax after long working hours. On the other hand, Young Won thinks that home is the only place to be true to herself. These would make for some great conflicts, or rather fights, that are worth looking forward to.

Actors Kim Won Hae, Yoon Ji On, Jung Gun Joo, Lee Hwa Kyum, Ahn Chang Hwan, Chae Jung An, and Ahn Hyun Ho will also appear in the upcoming JTBC drama as supporting casts. The direction of the upcoming drama has been done under Lee Hyung Min with the screenwriter Myung Soo Hyun.

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