Jung II Woo kidnaps Girls' Generation's Yuri in the exciting first teaser of Bossam Stealing Fate

Girls' Generation's Yuri and Jung II Woo are paired opposite one another in MBN's historical drama, Bossam - Stealing Fate. Check out the teaser below.
Jung II Woo kidnaps Girls' Generation's Yuri in the exciting first teaser of Bossam Stealing Fate
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It is only March, and this year already promises to be a great year for K Dramas. MBN Entertainment unveiled the trailer of their new Sageuk (Historical) drama starring Jung II Woo and Girls' Generation's Yuri. The historical drama set in the Joseon era is called Bossam - Stealing Fate.  Jung Il Woo plays Ba Woo, a rogue with a mysterious identity who accidentally kidnaps a princess. Girls’ Generation’s Yuri, who portrays princess Soo Kyung, the widowed daughter of King Gwanghae.

The teaser opens with a short note, explaining the ancient practice of Bossam. According to Soompi's translation, Bossam is the practice of secretly wrapping up a widow and stealing her away in the middle of the night to be remarried to a single man. During the Joseon era, widows could not remarry under normal circumstances, so families arranged the practice of Bossam to connect them with new husbands. We are introduced to princess Soo Kyung who is looking pristine in white. Then, immediately we are introduced to the rogue Ba Woo, as he falls dramatically in front of Soo Kyung. Ba Woo's entry causes chaos and commotion in the neighbourhood, with people discussing his roguish avatar in hushed whispers.

Further, in the dead of the night, we see Ba Woo and his clique, stealthily entering Soo Kyung's chambers and kidnapping her. Ba Woo stares at Soo Kyung who is shooting daggers at him through her eyes, as he holds her into captivity. In a swift montage of dramatic shots, we see the other principal cast members of the show. The teaser ends with Ba Woo giving a lop-sided smile to the camera.

You can check out the exciting teaser below:

Based on the teasers, a genuine romance is expected to blossom between kidnapper, Ba Woo and princess Soo Kyung as they fight against all odds to be together. Bossam – Stealing Fate is currently slated to premiere in May. 

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