JUST B, new boy group in town releases debut date; Six members are from shows I-Land, Under 19, SBS’ The Fan

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Upcoming K-Pop group JUST B members Geonu, Lim Jimin, DY, Sangwoo, Bain, and JM (in no particular order)

Fellow K-Pop fans, we’re soon going to get another boy group to swoon over. Not strangers, but these are the guys who we’ve seen before and loved too! The group is called JUST B and it’s debuting under Bluedot Entertainment, a record label under Kakao Entertainment. 


Their official Twitter @JUSTB_Official posted their first tweet on May 20 this year and gradually introduced the six members - Geonu, Lim Jimin, DY, Sangwoo, Bain, and JM, one by one. On June 6, the group posted an image captioning JUST Spoiler and has the name ‘JUST BURN’ written with a sand-like thing. According to a K-media outlet, the ‘B’ stands for ‘BURN’ which means the burning passion the group has. It’s easier to notice the hashtag that shows the debut date, marking it as June 30, 2021, 6 PM KST. 


Check out the spoiler of upcoming JUST B’s debut below: 


As for the members, two members Geonu and JM, are the former contestants of the idol reality show I-LAND. Geonu reached top 11 on the show and JM, aka Chu Ji Min, also left a favourable impression. 


Member Lim Jimin showed his talent in SBS’ competition program ‘The Fan’ by ranking in the Top 3 of the show in 2018.  


As for Bain, aka Song Byung Hee, was seen in another idol reality show called MBC’s program called ‘Under 19’. He went into the final round of the show but was eliminated. Another member is DY, aka Jeon Doyum, who won the same show and was about to debut as 1THE9. 


Last but not the least is Sangwoo, who has quietly been preparing for the debut and curiosity is hyping up for it. 


The boys have even been putting up vocal covers individually. You can check them out on their official Twitter here and the members’ Twitter account here. 


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