JYJ’s Junsu, SEVENTEEN’s DK and BTOB’s Eunkwang feature in the character video for musical Xcalibur

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Junsu in Xcalibur

SEVENTEEN’s DK, BTOB’s Eunkwang, and JYJ’s Junsu are featured in the reprise of the musical ‘Xcalibur’. A character video teaser has been released by EMK Musical portraying the stunning visuals of the actors in their costumes and varying expressions. Kim Junsu plays the role of Arthur. He is dressed in armour and is seen hailing a sword with a fighting spirit under the pouring rain. Eunkwang wears a worrisome expression and is expressing his dread and anger with elegance in an outfit with a royal robe. DK is seen with a determined mindset and hopeful eyes amidst the other two actors who show anguish. All of the cast portrays Arthur in their own unique ways and storylines to show different phases of his life. 


Watch the character video here:



Xcalibur was first produced and performed in 2019. SEVENTEEN’s DK and JYJ’s Junsu were a part of the musical during its first production too. BTOB’s Eunkwang is the newcomer who has raised people’s expectations from this highly-anticipated musical because of his powerful emotional vocals. The musical is based on the story of the mythical hero King Arthur. As a child, Arthur was destined to become the King of Britain. His story intertwines with the legendary sword Excalibur which has always been associated with power and rightful sovereignty in Britain. Excalibur is referred to as the Sword in Stone and whosoever pulls it out can become the rightful king of the country. The story says that Arthur was able to pull out the sword because he was fated to be the king. King Arthur is regarded as a hero because he was able to defend a confused England from Saxon Invaders during the late 5th and early 6th centuries. This legend has been highly influential and popular which is why it has been reproduced in several forms of art. 


The musical ‘Xcalibur’ will be performed at BlueSquare from August 17 to November 7 of 2021. 


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