JYP and PSY talk about picking boy group idols through idol survival show LOUD; Diss each other in the process

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The official poster of LOUD, featuring JYP and PSY; courtesy of SBS

SBS TV held an online press conference on June 3 and announced that the new audition entertainment show LOUD will start broadcasting on June 5. LOUD is a survival program in which J. Y. Park and PSY would select two new boy groups to represent their respective companies. The final members selected will debut in the second half of this year and will be active all over the world. Asian Soul J. Y. Park, who attended the production presentation on the same day, said he would choose artists who are full of things he wants to express. "In the past, there were many parts where the artist's company could package the abilities of singers, but now a really special friend is who would make the future K-Pop star."

He continued, "I start the screening process by setting up a standard to select those criteria differently. My biggest fear was whether a special participant who would meet these criteria would come. But on the first day of recording, I got the feeling that it's not in ruins."

Meanwhile, PSY took the first step as an idol producer through LOUD. "I was very nervous because this program was the first for me in many ways. Since my personal choices would change other people's lives, the weight seems particularly heavy. But I was also curious and had mixed feelings."

Regarding the selection criteria, he said, "When I was young, I was often told that I was unique. But after being in the industry for 20 years, I've noticed there's something special about it. So I'm looking for someone unique."

"On the inside, Jinyoung and I seemed to see our childhood, so we joked that we should choose a friend who looks the most like us." He laughed.

As they have to compete to select a boy group to represent their company, the judges didn't fail to diss each other's companies either. J. Y. Park said, "At first, those who go to [PSY's company] will suffer because they go through a lot of trial and error unconditionally." PSY replied, "In JYPE, there are so many idol singers, so we don’t know when they will debut, but we are different.”

Director Lee Hwan-jin highlighted that the show would be about ordinary-looking children showing a special side. He also didn't forget to speak about the judges. "The two judges sometimes show charms like veterans and sometimes become bold rookies. It's really fun."

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Credits: SBS