KDramas you didn’t know landed up in controversies ft. Goblin, My Mister & more

Even though South Korea offers us an incredible plethora of K-Dramas, some of them have even been controversial. Check them out here.
KDramas Backstreet Rookies and Goblin that landed up in controversy Official posters of Backstreet Rookies & Goblin.
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The K-Drama world is a respite from the slow, low reality that people have been experiencing lately. The unique stories light a path for many to let go of their worries by getting completely engrossed in the storyline. The dramas, even though seem perfect for us, have seen times when they have crossed certain limits. Sometimes because of the storyline, sometimes because of the cast, fans and critics have been vocal about sharing their opinions about things that seem to cross limits. 


India is still seeing an increase in the fanbase of Korean culture enthusiasts. When it comes to Indian TV shows, the majority of the young people either don’t indulge in them or are not vocal about it (barring some shows such as Pehredaar Piya Ki). But in South Korea, the fandom is very vocal about stuff like that they don’t like or think is crossing certain boundaries. So let’s take a look at some of the dramas that got entangled in some controversies below!    


1. Goblin 



The beloved, classic drama of Gong Yoo and Kim Go Eun actually did land up in some controversy after airing. Sure, it is loved by many across the oceans, but there are a couple of things that made critics and some fans call it out. One was the overt product placement - from the characters detailing out their Subway sandwich to eating fried chicken from a place almost every day - for many, it became too distracting. 


Second, was the very obvious age gap between the leads. The story demanded a high school student to fall for a 900+ year old Goblin, who easily looked in his 30s. TV critic Hwang Jin Mi reviewed it by saying, “The system of fantasy blocks any guilt and allows viewers to accept, without being repulsed, the romance between a minor and an older man.” He even added that ‘the image of a young girl hanging onto a rich older guy still lingers’ in the memory of the viewers.


Third, was Kim Go Eun’s character’s Cinderella stereotype. Of wanting a man to save them from troubles at the drop of a hat, especially when the man has superhuman powers. This eventually ends up influencing women to want a significant other to do the same for them, in a way, diminishing their own self respect. 


2. Backstreet Rookies



Probably one of the biggest controversial dramas out of the ones on the list, approximately 6,000 complaints were filed after its first episode on Korea Communication Standards Commission. The drama is based on the webtoon by the same name, and was already known for being sexually explicit. Audience was apprehensive before the show even released and voiced out their concerns, only for the producers to promise a ‘family rom com’ instead. The story revolves around a part-time underage girl and a grown up manager falling in love. 


Audience found red flags in the first episode itself. It showed an underage girl flirting and kissing a grown man, while another scene showed prostitution (which is illegal in South Korea). It even showed the underage, young lead asking a stranger to buy her cigarettes. To top all of this, another thing that irked the viewers was the female lead’s extremely short skirt and the majority of her scenes being shot in low angle. 


3. My Mister



IU’s My Mister is another drama that landed up in the age gap controversy, but it was prior to the show’s release. The many promotional activities led audiences and IU’s fans to believe that this was going to be another love story between the leads, which wouldn’t have sparked controversies generally. But it was revealed that the story revolves around a man in his 40s and a young woman in her 20s who go through hardships and heal each other. It faced flak from many people saying and hoping that there wouldn’t be any romantic scenes or a love connection between them. IU then clarified on VLive that it wasn’t about a love story, but a human story. Another time it faced flak was during a scene where she gets badly beaten up by a loan shark. 


4. Spy Myung Wol 



This show got entangled in a controversy not because of the storyline or anything, but rather because of the actor. The lead actress Han Ye Seul abruptly left the drama’s filming and flew to Los Angeles. She cited poor working conditions in the Korean drama industry as the reason for her leaving the show. However, she came back to Korea in two days and profusely apologized for her behaviour, especially to the chief producer Hwang In Hyuk. She said in an official statement that this happened because of some misunderstandings she had on set. 


Looks like the K-Drama universe isn’t all hunky-dory after all!


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Well, how many of these controversies did you know? Let us know in the comments below!

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Anonymous 4 days ago

Some critics should stop being narrow-minded and start to understand that the scenarios on these k-dramas do happen in real life. Stories must be relatable not only to entertain viewers but also to inspire and learn new things and valuable lesseons.

Anonymous 7 days ago

These are very Petty things, people need to get over themselves and enjoy the movies, a lot of the scenarios are things that we have to struggle with in this world right here right now, are we saying that we should limit the writers creativity?

Anonymous 1 week ago

Kim bum and kim so eun

Anonymous 1 week ago

KIM BUM and kim so eun

Anonymous 1 week ago

What do you mean? Can you give me some detail?

Anonymous 1 week ago

What do you mean? Can you give me some detail?