K Pop idols who will make great fathers in future, Ft BTS' V and EXO's Kai

They aren't just talented idols, but father-material too. Here are our picks for male idols who we think will make great fathers.
K Pop idols who will make great fathers in future, Ft BTS' V and EXO's Kai
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Young boys are always taught to be tough and unemotional since childhood. It is 'not manly' to be emotional, sensitive and compassionate they say. However, K-pop male idols prove that you need not sacrifice one thing to achieve another. It is cool and 'manly' to be emotional, sweet and loving towards others, especially children. 

Some of these idols may be just young men in their 20s but they have proven on various occasions that they have a sweet paternal side to them. Here are some K-pop male idols who have proved that they will make great fathers to their future kids. 

1. BTS' V

Of course, we had to place him first! The fact that BTS' visual and vocalist Kim Taehyung aka V loves kids is no secret and ARMYs know it too. Most of the Youtube compilation videos of BTS with children are basically videos of Tae with kids! Taehyung loves kids and has expressed his desire to become a father in future and have a total of 5 children!

2. EXO's Kai

EXO's Kai has a niece and nephew and EXO-Ls know how much he loves and pampers them. Kai has made twin appearances with his bandmates on the popular variety show 'The Return Of Superman', once with Baekhyun and another time with Chanyeol. Both times, Kai won the hearts of the little kids on the show and proved that he will make a great father in future.

3. SHINee's Minho

Every time we see these sweet compilations of Minho with children, our hearts melt in a puddle. Minho is so sweet and gentle with children and the complete opposite of his screen persona of being a badass rapper spitting fire. Also, who can forget the heart-touching moment when he explained to a little fan-girl as to why SHINee's late Jonghyun doesn't feature in their videos anymore. We stan a sensitive king! 

4. SEVENTEEN's Mingyu

Mingyu is always holding little kids at SEVENTEEN's fan signs, making them sit on his lap and playing with them. Once, along with his fellow member Jeonghan, Mingyu appeared in a show called Kidtuber TV, where they took care of Sua and Suji. Mingyu was also called the 'mom' of their group. Sweet.

5. GOT7's Jackson

GOT7's Jackson is one of the nicest male idols out there. He is good to everyone, irrespective of their age. So it is no surprise that children love him. Jackson is like a 'child magnet'. Fans know his fondness for his niece Aimee, and what a sweet uncle he is to her. Jackson introduced her once on a V Live broadcast, and she was adored by many that made her open her own Weibo account.

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Which male idol you think will make a great papa to his kids? Share your responses with Pinkvilla in the comments below.

Anonymous 1 week ago

Tae is a baby himself lol! But, him with babies and pets is so adorable!

Anonymous 2 weeks ago

Bänje jungkook daha iýi baba olur

Anonymous 2 weeks ago

Taehyung with kids is the most adorable thing in the world! His personality is child-like and innocent so, it's no surprise that he goes well with babies! :)