K Pop summer Bops you must add to your playlist NOW; Ft BTS' Boy With Luv

Summer is here and it is time to update our playlist. We recommend 5 summer K-pop bops you should add to your playlist right now.
Boy With Luv is the lead track of Intro: Persona K Pop summer Bops you must add to your playlist NOW; Ft BTS' Boy With Luv
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Summer is finally here! Summer is equal to mangoes and watermelons, longer cold showers and of course, new music. While there is a playlist for every season, we have a special playlist for the summers and that too, some of our favourite K-pop bops. We have cherry-picked some of our favourite bops from some of our favourite boy and girl groups. The songs are vivacious, fun and thoroughly enjoyable. Time to upgrade your playlist with some cool K-Bop recommendations.

1. BTS - Boy With Luv

A conclusion to their 2014 song Boy In Luv, Boy With Luv is the complete opposite of the song. Pop colours and candy crush like background dominate this animated and peppy track. The chorus Oh My My My is stuck in our head and we love it.

2. Red Flavour - Red Velvet

A personal favourite, it is one of those songs that makes for the perfect bathroom Karaoke session. Red Flavour highlights the group's Red bit and a refreshing song about fruits available in summer. Irene's rap and Wendy's vocals shine through this song.

3. Summer 127 - NCT 127

Summer 127 from NCT 127's album, NEO CITY: SEOUL – The Origin (Live). The song has an instant serotonin vibe and is a thoroughly enjoyable track, especially for a fun car karaoke session with your friends.

4. BLACKPINK - As If It's Your Last

BLACKPINK has a sensuous, girl-crush image which BLINKS love, but As If It's Your Last presents a cheerful and cutesy aura about it. The song mashes their traditional 'black' and 'pink' colours with bright colours like yellow and orange. It is an upbeat and cheerful song and a must add to your playlist.

5. SHINee- View

SHINee's entire discography is therapy in itself and there is a SHINee track for every day and every mood. View is also special as it composed by Jonghyun. The song starts as a ballad and transforms into electro-house with cool techno beats. A must add to your summer playlist if you haven't already.

6. ITZY - IT'z Summer

A fun rap heavy bop? Yes, please. IT'z Summer has a funky vibe, synth vibe and crazy rapping in it! It's a song you will belting out with your friends in a karaoke booth, screaming your lungs out. A must add to your summer bop playlist.

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What songs will make it to your summer playlist? Share your picks with Pinkvilla in the comments below.

Where can you stream the songs?
You can stream the songs on streaming platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube music and Google Music.

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