Kai REVEALS what his fellow EXO members said about his debut single Mmmh: They all said it was cool

Kai recently revealed what his fellow EXO members’ reactions were to the news of his newly dropped debut single Mmmh. Scroll down to see what they said to Kai.
Kai REVEALS what his fellow EXO members said about his debut single Mmmh: They all said it was cool
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Kai opened up about the EXO members' response to his solo debut mini-album 'KAI (开)'. On the December 1st airing of Cultwo Show, Kai was asked about his leaner look for his solo debut, and he responded via AllKpop, "I haven't measured my body fat rate exactly, but I'm trying to keep my weight at 64kg (141.1 lbs)." When asked if he still maintained his strength at that weight, Kai said, "If I need to do powerful choreography, I tend to try to grow my muscles."


As for the response from his members, Kai expressed, "They all said it was cool. It's my first time having songs filled with my voice because it's my first solo album. I'm happy and excited because the members told me that my vocal tone is really good."


If you missed it, Kai dropped his solo debut music video for Mmmh yesterday. The new song follows the R&B pop track with minimal sound and catchy melody. The sensual lyrics of the song revolve around Kai attempting to woo his lady love. While the audio of the track is addictive, the music video also impresses. The international singer's music video follows an impressive futuristic approach, giving him a stage to present his solo dance skills. 


The video starts with Kai looking upon the city from the edge of a rooftop before he joins a group of female dances and shows off his dance moves. The video transforms through different dimensions while Kai remains in the spotlight. If his moves aren't enough to make you go weak on your knees, he puts his bare chest on full display as he concludes the song.

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Anonymous 3 months ago

Kai oppa you are amazing

Anonymous 3 months ago

Before I even know Kai, I often witness if there's someone that's perfect from every aspects exist in this world and now I found one. I don't believe that's there's a person with a strong aura but now I found one. When I look at Kai, he have something that other people don't have and I still don't know what it is. His talents is underneath the world and beyond the future! Erigom, we stan the right person and Exo-l, we stan the right group. Let's always support Kai and Exo! Today is 3 Dec and uri fake maknae, Kim Minseok a.k.a Xiumin will return from military service this 6 Dec.. I can't wait anymore!

Anonymous 3 months ago

Honestly I found his debut songs the best out of the members so far