Kang Daniel, IU, Minah & more: Meet KPop idols who have bizarre favourite foods and drinks!

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Kang Daniel at a promotional event and IU at an award show
Kang Daniel, IU, Minah & more: Meet KPop idols who have bizarre favourite foods and drinks!

If you love pineapple on pizza, it's okay. You might just fit in these KPop idols' friendship circle. For those who don't like pineapple on pizza, well, we're not really sure if you'll like these combinations too. But haven't we all had some weird food choices? Till we like it, it doesn’t really matter if others do right? Imagine the moment you find someone else who has the same weird taste as you!


We fans surely do have our own ways of feeling close to our idols. We either go to their cafes, buy any (and sometimes all) of their sponsored products just to get that one can with their face on it, save enough money to buy an album, visit the places they’ve visited and even eat or cook their favourite food on their birthday or just any day! And as fans, we’ve also loved some TMI (Too Much Information) of our precious idols’. So, this article is a treat from us for all of you. Here are some really bizarre food and drink habits that these idols love - which you can decide, you’d want to love or not! 


Kang Daniel - Raw bacon and spring onion

Wondering whether you read that right? We had to double check it too. But if people can eat sushi, surely eating raw bacon isn’t that big of a crime. In an episode of ‘It’s Dangerous Beyond The Blankets’, Kang Daniel was seen eating raw bacon! Considerably, fans were pretty concerned about the actor, but he later said that he’s been eating them raw since junior school and he loves it that way! Not just the raw bacon, but the combination actually is raw bacon + frozen raw spring onions. While we can let the latter pass, the first one definitely fits into our bizarre concept!


IU - Raw liver

We’ve got another raw organ lover in the house and this time it’s the most popular soloist, IU! With this habit, she definitely deserves second place on the list! She has her own reasons to love it too - the taste and smell of blood on raw livers entices her. She made this revelation on KBS2’s ‘Citizens Talk Show Hello’ in 2011, where she said that even though she likes it, she was advised by her agency to not do that in public as it would ruin her image. She even said that if she was given this everyday, she would eat it everyday too! Well IU, our love for you will never disappear or lessen even after knowing this! Whatever makes the artist happy, we’re here for it!


Jaemin - Eight espressos

All of us love our coffee a little too much. But our beloved Jaemin takes that obsession to an even higher unhealthy standard. In 2019 when NCT made an appearance on JTBC’s Idol Room, the members made faces at Jaemin for his peculiar choice. However, Jaemin remained firm and spoke favouringly about his tastes. He told the MC about needing the extra kick to feel alert all the time. And for that, his iced Amricano has eight shots of espresso. Eight!  


Girl’s Day's Minah - Fish Eyeballs

Most meat eaters sometimes take a detour to indulge in some seafood, to take a break from red meat. Minah, on the other hand, is quite specific with her tastes. On ‘Law of the Jungle’, when everyone present had a wonderful meal out of grilled fish, Minah shared that her favourite part was actually the eyeballs. She’d grown up eating eyeballs along with her grandfather, and had come to really love its savoury taste. Guess there is something distinct munching on a savoury, juicy meat.


TWICE’s Tzuyu - Cookies and rice

Cookies or biscuits and rice are meant for completely different eating times, right? Not for Tzuyu. While they look like they belong to completely different worlds, Tzuyu loves the best of both worlds! On JTBC’s ‘Girls Who Eat Well’ show, Tzuyu shared her childhood snack - crumbling cookies and mixing them with rice. She also said that it might seem weird, but it actually tastes great. Well, for people who love maggi with ketchup or who dipped Parle-G in water, this still seems a level higher! 


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Which one of these did you find the most bizarre? And what is your bizarre favourite food? Let us know in the comments below! 


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