Kang Daniel reveals his view on the ending fairy, his mom’s reaction to seeing him on TV & more on KBS’ show

On April 6, Kang Daniel featured as a guest on KBS’ variety show, ‘Problem Child in House’. Read on to know what the singer talked about!
Kang Daniel reveals his view on the ending fairy, his mom’s reaction to seeing him on TV & more on KBS’ show
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Kang Daniel, the idol who transforms into a completely different person on stage, talked about his life and more on the recent episode of ‘Problem Child in House’! He’s one of the most recognized soloists, with chart-topping songs and amazing dance skills, who would not fall in love with him? As fans might already know, he has always been a person who loves staying at home rather than going out, and is labelled as a ‘homebody’. He let this personality shine through in the recent KBS episode too! 


The singer basically lived a life that most young people already do - not leaving the house for months and binge watching documentaries and shows on Netflix! While in conversation with the hosts, he said that even before the pandemic, there were times when he didn’t leave the house for a month! When asked what he did the entire time, he said that he played games, ate food and watched a lot of documentaries. He also said that for him, lunch and breakfast don’t matter. 


He even addressed the mountain of tasks that is of calling friends over! He said, “If I’m resting and they call me to come over, I suggest that we meet on the computer instead. As when they come over, I have to clean up after them and it’s a pain.” He then talked about the ‘ending fairies’ concept, saying that he hates it when a camera focuses on him in the ending, catching him breathing hard. He said he looked very weird in it! 


As for his mom’s reaction to his fame, it’s quite different from any other person who meets him! Whenever he comes on TV, his mom intently looks at the screen, not caring who is sitting behind her, even when it's him! He said that when he appears on screen, normally people ask ‘Oh, is that how you really do it?’, but his mother just talks to herself and doesn’t speak to him at all! 


Once, his mother went to an exhibition he took a part in and bought three huge photos of the singer. When Daniel said to throw those away, she said - ‘But he’s handsome!’ which makes the singer believe that his mom thinks the stage Kang Daniel and the homebody Kang Daniel are two very different people. He ended the topic by saying that it was all due to his mother’ support and love that he endured the training phase and that calling her even once, helps him gain strength!


Currently, the singer is busy prepping up for his comeback album, ‘YELLOW’.


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Want to know more about YELLOW? Read below.

When will YELLOW release?
It will release on April 13, 6 PM KST

Is this album a part of his trilogy?
Yes, YELLOW is the third album in his color trilogy series. The previous ones were 'Cyan' and 'Magenta'