Kang Daniel’s KONNECT Entertainment faces major shake-up as all artists leave agency amid legal battle

All the artist’s under Kang Daniel’s company KONNECT Entertainment have so far left the company amid internal disputes.

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  • All artists under KONNECT Entertainment have terminated their contracts with the company
  • More about Kang Daniel's dispute with KONNECT Entertainment

Kang Daniel has recently filed a criminal complaint against the highest shareholder of KONNECT Entertainment due to internal conflict. However, amid the dispute, the artists who were still active under the company have left it so far. The company was initially founded by the K-pop idol Kang Daniel himself.

All artists under KONNECT Entertainment have left the company


On May 21, 2024, a Korean media outlet reported that every artist that was under KONNECT Entertainment has left the agency so far.

The former GFRIEND member Yuju terminated her contract with the agency in April-mid 2024. She decided not to continue as an artist under the company so she parted ways. The agency previously also faced backlash from the fans for mismanaging the artist and not being able to promote her well enough.

Moreover, the street dance group, WE DEM BOYZ has also parted ways with the company. At the end of November 2023, the team confirmed that they had decided to not renew their exclusive contract with the agency. The liquidation process of their departure started when the decision was made.

Furthermore, Chancellor, the singer, songwriter, and record producer has also parted ways with the company. 

Watch Yuju's music video DALALA MV released under KONNECT Entertainment

Founded by Kang Daniel in 2019, he served as the CEO of KONNECT Entertainment ever since. However, on May 20, 2024, the K-pop idol filed a legal complaint against the agency’s majority shareholder, Mr. A.


The internal dispute started due to the forgery of documents by the shareholder. During this process, it can be assumed that the artists naturally decided to part ways with the company.

More about Kang Daniel's dispute with KONNECT Entertainment

Earlier, it was revealed that Kang Daniel lodged a complaint against Mr. A with the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency via Woori Law Firm, led by attorney Park Seong Woo. The complaint cites accusations including forgery of private documents, embezzlement, breach of trust, infringement on information and communication networks, and computer fraud. 

Additionally, reports have also revealed that a 10 billion won advance distribution contract was signed in December 2022, allegedly without Kang Daniel's consent.

However, the K-pop idol’s exclusive contract with the company will end in early June and it is expected that he will not renew the contract. Furthermore, it can also be assumed that he will be stepping down from his role as the CEO of the company.


Kang Daniel's last solo comeback under KONNECT Entertainment was the album Realiez with the title track SOS.

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