Kangta’s new single ‘Christmas in July’ will make you crave for chilly and cozy evenings

Updated on Jul 28, 2021 07:13 PM IST  |  121.1K
Stills from the MV ‘Christmas in July’; Picture Courtesy: SM Entertainment

As a celebration of his 25th debut anniversary, Kangta is releasing three tracks- all renditions of the tracks from his first solo album in 2001. 'Christmas in July' is a song about two people who feel chills in the middle of summer as their relationship moves further apart. The MV is aesthetically pleasing as he walks around the places that he and his loved one spent time together, thinking and calling out to her. 

The MV also features a young couple, representing Kangta and his loved one, as they spend time together picking flowers, watching the sunset on the sea and eating tasty treats. He feels as if he is feeling cold without her and wants her in his arms. The lyrics indicate that Kangta and his loved one are no longer together and he would do anything to bring her back as the coldness between them is too much to bear. These beautiful lyrics paired with the artistic representation of the emotions Kangta is feeling, gives the viewer a deeper understanding of the longing, sadness and despair hidden in the bright R&B track paired with a warm string and brass performance. The two are in contrast which further solidify his feelings compared to the flowery and warm weather. 

The boy in the video is completely clothed, which represents Kangta and the girl wears a thin cotton dress, appropriate for summer but in progression, she starts to feel chilly as well which means that she feels alone as well and the boy notices it too. He gives her his scarf and at that moment, all the snow around them melts as petals of brightly coloured flowers burst around them. 

The meaningful MV gives us a view of a relationship that has its ups and downs, even if it looks all sunshine and rainbows on the outside. Paired with the beautiful song, the MV will definitely make you feel emotional.

In addition, 'Memories of Summer 2021' which is included in this single is a reinterpretation of the self-composed song 'That Summer' from  Kangta's 1st full album 'Polaris' released in 2001 as an acoustic pop genre song. 

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