KARD BM takes a deep dark dive into his psyche through solo debut Broken Me

BM has officially marked his solo debut and it is grander than anything we could have imagined.
BM's concept teaser for Broken Me BM's concept teaser for Broken Me; courtesy of DSP Media
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Today is a historical day in the world of music. KARD's BM has officially made his solo debut, which was positively one of the most highly awaited debuts of all time. HIDDEN KARD around the world have been waiting for this date and more accurately, manifesting it for years now. Now that it is finally here, it feels more unreal than it did before. After all, BM has gone all out and all in with 'Broken Me' and we get to see a side of him much deeper and darker than we ever could have anticipated. 

In an exclusive interview with Pinkvilla, BM shared how 'Broken Me' was born out of the crevices of his own psyche, the conflicts he faced within himself, and the struggles that surrounded him without. He also revealed some interesting and super funny behind-the-scenes episodes that truly made fans even more excited about the release. You can watch the full interview here:

The world held its breath as BM counted down to the moment of truth and finally, 'Broken Me' is here in full glory! 'Broken Me' is an English language track and the music video seems to be running two parallel narratives, one that of BM himself and another, that of Park Eun Seok's character in the Vive Studios short film 'The Brave New World'. Both echo a similar sentiment, that of dismay and desperation. The genre is strikingly alt-rock against the backdrop of a dystopian neon city. The lights are diametrically opposed to the darkness that BM sings of and the sincerity is evident in his voice, enough for listeners to feel it deep in their hearts too. There's a constant push and pull that is highlighted throughout the song as well as the music video, where BM can be seen constantly on the verge of breaking down and away and holding himself together again. The silent scream BM lets out in the music video towards the very end, while also vocally belting the notes, is a strangely cathartic experience that resonates with something deep that is ever-present within all of us. It is heartbreaking to see him hurt and hear him express the same through some artfully written lyrics but it is also distractingly visually appealing for obvious reasons. 

Vive Studios truly came through when it comes to the production quality of the music video because there's no way anyone could convince us that the breathtakingly ethereal scenes were not actually shot in those exact locations. 'Broken Me' ends with a car stopping inches before running off the cliff yet it is clear that this is no accidental save. There is a certain will to it. If this is BM's solo debut, we can't imagine what his solo album will be like.

You can watch BM's music video for 'Broken Me' here:

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What was your favourite moment from the music video of 'Broken me'? Share your thoughts with Pinkvilla in the comments section down below!