KBS Entertainment Awards 2020 Winners: Kim Seon Ho wins Rookie Award; 2D1N cast perform on Taemin's Move

At the recently held KBS Entertainment Awards 2020, while Kim Sook was bestowed with the Daesang (Main Prize), 2 Days 1 Night won five trophies in total.
KBS Entertainment Awards 2020 Winners: Kim Seon Ho wins Rookie Award; 2D1N cast perform on Taemin's Move
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The KBS Entertainment Awards 2020 were held last night with the network commemorating its great achievements in variety programming and entertainment. According to Herald Pop via Soompi, this year's Daesang (Grand Prize) was bestowed upon Kim Sook of Boss in the Mirror and Problem Child in House fame, who became the second woman in KBS history, after Kim Young-ha of Hello Counselor and Red Cheek You fame in 2018, to win the prestigious award. It was also a 2 Days 1 Night total domination as the popular variety show took home five trophies.

While Start-Up star Kim Seon-ho won the Rookie Award for Show & Variety, Moon Se-yoon was awarded Top Excellence in Variety. Dindin was awarded Excellence in Show & Variety while Yeon Jung-hoon was declared Best Entertainer in Show & Variety alongside Hong Kyung-min of The Return of Superman and Trot National Festival fame and Oh My Girl's member Seunghee of Not Soccer or Baseball fame. Meanwhile, 2D1N and VIXX member Ravi impressed us yet again with her performance skills as fans were treated with a powerful act on his hit song Beom as well as an impressive dance set to Lee Nalchi's The Tiger is Coming Down.

Eventually, Ravi was accompanied by his 2D1N co-stars (Seon-ho, Se-yoon, DinDin, Jung-hoon and Kim Jong-min) with everyone looking fancy in suits and recreating the iconic dance moves to SHINee member Taemin's hit single Move. Fans of 2D1N will recall Taemin making a special appearance on the variety show and hilariously trying to teach the members the sexy choreography to Move.

Check out the Two Days 1 Night cast's sultry yet hilarious Move performance at the KBS Entertainment Awards 2020 below:

Check out the winners from KBS Entertainment Awards 2020:

Daesang (Grand Prize): Kim Sook (Boss in the Mirror, Problem Child in House)
Viewers’ Choice for Best Program: 2 Days 1 Night Season 4
Top Excellence in Variety: Moon Se-yoon (2 Days 1 Night)
Top Excellence in Reality: Poppin’ Hyun Joon, Park Ae-ri (Mr. House Husband, Immortal Songs), Hyun Joo-yeob (Boss in the Mirror)
Excellence in Show & Variety: DinDin (2 Days 1 Night)
Excellence in Reality: Lee Yoo-ri (Fun-staurant)
Rookie Award for Show & Variety: Kim Seon-ho (2 Days 1 Night)
Rookie Award for Radio: Kang Han-na (Kang Han-na’s Volume Up)
Rookie Award for Reality: Kim Il-Woo (Mr. House Husband), Kim Jae-won (Fun-staurant)
Best Couple: Oh My Girl’s Arin & TXT’s Soobin (Music Bank), Choi Yang-rak & Paeng Hyun-sook, Kim Ye-rin & Yoon Joo-man (Mr. House Husband)
Best Teamwork: Entertainment Weekly Live
Best Challenge: Zombie Detective
Best Entertainer in Show & Variety: Hong Kyung-min (The Return of Superman, Trot National Festival), Yeon Jung-hoon (2 Days 1 Night), Oh My Girl’s Seunghee (Not Soccer or Baseball)
Best Entertainer in Reality: Yang Chi-seung (Boss in the Mirror), Oh Yoon-ah, Ryu Soo-young (Fun-staurant)
Best Icon: The children of The Return of Superman
DJ of the Year: Jo Woo Jong
Digital Content Award: Kim Gura
Special Producer Award: Lee Young-ja (Fun-staurant), Song Eun-yi (Problem Child in House)
Special Program Award: Korea Again Na Hoon Ah
Hot Issue Variety Program: Dogs Are Incredible

Congratulations to the winners!

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Anonymous 3 months ago

I feel bad that ravi didn’t get any award.