KDrama OSTs recommended for a good cry, Ft Sweet Night by BTS' V & When the night comes by Eddy Kim

Heartfelt and soul-stirring, these Kdrama OSTs will make you bawl your eyes out! Read on to find out.
BTS' V sung the song, Sweet Night KDrama OSTs recommended for a good cry, Ft Sweet Night by BTS' V & When the night comes by Eddy Kim
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Imagine you are sitting in your room. It is late in the night, probably midnight. There is a flicker of light from the streetlamp outside your house. You are all alone in your room, curled up in your blanket. You plug in your earphones and listen to some music. You probably had a frustrating day and need a good cry! Here are some of our top recommendations of K-drama OSTs that will make you cry copious amounts of tears, but will leave your heart full of love and happiness.

1. Sweet Night - BTS' V

Just the opening tune of the song and Park Seo Joon's face will make you emotional. Sweet Night is a perfect fit for the emotional distress Park Seo Joon's character Park Sae Royi goes through in the show. Tae's soulful voice lends much-needed gravitas to the song, uplifting it even further. A perfect recommendation for a good cry.

2. One Day - Kim Feel

If you have cried your eyes out for Kim Seon Ho's Han Ji Pyeong, then you will definitely shed tears listening to the song. The song helps you see the world through Han Ji Pyeong's eyes, his loneliness and how he sacrifices his love for Seo Dalmi towards the end. Yeah, you can find us consoling ourselves that in a parallel universe Han Ji Pyeong found the happiness he truly deserved.

3. When the night comes by - Eddy Kim

I can imagine the visual of Suzy walking towards Lee Jong Suk, tears brimming in her eyes. Set against the snow-covered streets of Seoul, this song is sheer magic to ears. It is dramatic, yet calming, it perfectly juxtaposes the two different emotions in one song. WOW!

4. You Are My Everything - Gummy

Everything about Descendants Of The Sun is chef's kiss, but the soundtrack is absolutely gold! You Are My Everything by Gummy is a personal favourite. Her charming voice is a perfect fit for the emotional tone of the song. A must listen to.  

5. Flower - Yoon Mi Rae

A beautiful song that depicts the ups and downs between Hyun Bin's Captain Ri and Son Ye Jin's Yoon Se Ri. The part where Yoon Mi Rae sings, I'm worried about you, will make you miss the lover you never had!

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What do you think of our list? Which are some K-drama OSTs that make you cry? Share your responses with Pinkvilla in the comments below. 

Anonymous 4 weeks ago

On of the best song...Sweet Night

Anonymous 4 weeks ago

Sweet night. Bts v

Anonymous 4 weeks ago

Sweet Night is a beautiful song

Anonymous 1 month ago

Masterpiece Sweet Night selfwritten, selfcomposed, self-produced by Kim Taehyung V HitMaker and HitBreaker with no agency's promotion outstands with #1s in 118 countries on iTunes among 119 where it available made Kim Taehyung first and the only artist with 118 No.1 in the world. That's the talent and power of National Treasure, Prince of Continent Kim Taehyung V. #キムテヒョン #V #BTSV #Taehyung #KimTaehyung #Taetae #Tete #김태형 #뷔 #방탄소년단뷔 #태형 #Тэхён

Anonymous 1 month ago

This is song Relley heart touching.and Nice feel...#V...#BTS. forever...