KDramas that have mentioned India; Ft Crash Landing On You and Start Up

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Crash Landing On You quotes the film The Lunchbox
KDramas that have mentioned India; Ft Crash Landing On You and Start Up

Indian fans are aware of the short snippets and clippings where India is mentioned in a K-drama. There are clippings where Park Hae Jin, who plays a product advertising executive in his drama Kkondae Intern has an elaborate plan to sell his Hot Chicken Noodle Dried Ramen. He calls himself Rancho and speaks in Hindi impressing his Korean colleagues with his hard work. For the final shoot, he plans an extravagant Bollywood style commercial to woo his lady love with Hot Chicken Noodle Dried Ramen which is actually made from veggies and doesn't have chicken in it. 

While the portrayal of India in K-dramas is still a stereotypical version of how they perceive India, it is still a foot in the door right? Over the years, the mention of India in a K-drama has been more inclusive and meaningful as opposed to just a typical Bollywood image. Hopefully, in the coming years, we see more joint productions between India and Korea and someday, a K-drama starring Indian and Korean actors! We can dream, right? Here are our 5 favourite K-dramas that mention India.

1. Crash Landing On You


If there is one K-drama that made a rather meaningful mention of India it was the 2019 blockbuster drama, Crash Landing On You. There is a scene when Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin are having a heartfelt conversation. Son Ye Jin quotes a line from the film, The Lunchbox - "Sometimes the wrong train takes you to the right station." It is a beautiful reference not only to an excellent Indian film but also to Son Ye Jin's character in the film.

2. Start Up


In the first episode itself, Suzy is shown working at a local coffee shop. She has a feisty personality and handles her customers well. There is a sequence where an Indian customer asks for 'Lassi' and Suzy sweetly replies that they don't have any Lassi available, however, there is some fresh coffee instead. In another sequence, SamSan Tech is celebrating the success of their app, when Chul San mentions that the app was a huge success in India! 

3. High Kick 3


You may not remember watching the drama, but you will remember if I tell you that Kim Ji Won wore a stunning red saree and parroted the lines, "Aap mujhse shaadi karoge main  khoobsurat hoon." Yes, it is that drama! Kim Ji Won and Krystal are trying to escape a tricky situation with the cops and role-play to avoid getting caught. I will give the drama the benefit of doubt as it aired years ago. Also, Kim Ji Won looks beautiful in a saree!

4. Strong Girl Bong Soon


In a hilarious subplot, Park Bo Young encounters a bunch of goons who chase her. One of the goons is hugely inspired by India's spiritual culture and lifestyle and claimed that he has been to the Himalayas to meditate! They also play Tunak Tunak in the show too. WOW! 

5. Radio Romance


Kim So Hyun's boss played by Lee Kang is a hippie-like character who is shown to have returned from India after making a long spiritual trip. He speaks a few Hindi words and greets everyone with a Namaste! 

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