KDramas personally recommended by your favourite K Pop stars; Ft BTS' recommendations

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KDramas personally recommended by your favourite K Pop stars; Ft BTS' recommendations

You finish an absolutely amazing K-drama, you laugh, you cry, you mush, you blush and finally it is over. You are devastated that you have binge-watched your favourite K-dramas over endless cups of hot ramyeon and kimchi and now, you cannot re-live it ever again. You go through the many stages of grief and devastation of a finishing K-drama - shock, numbness, anger, bargaining, pain and hurt, tears, the upward turn, acceptance and hope, and finally a new K-drama! 

We have all been through the K-drama stages of grief and loss, there is reluctance and then finally acceptance, a new ray of hope (new K-drama Oppa!) and finally moving on. But before that, we have to go through the endless torture of figuring out what K-drama to watch next! There is a sea of recommendations on the internet, your friends and your Whatsapp groups. Don't worry we and your favourite K-pop idols have got you covered with amazing K-drama recommendations. Read on to find out.

1. BTS

BTS members are avid fans of K-drama and take out time from their busy schedule to watch K-dramas, and also offer generous recommendations to ARMY! BTS' RM and Suga were huge fans of the 2018 hit Kdrama, Sky Castle. RM recommended his members and ARMY to watch the hard-hitting drama and Suga even confessed that RM didn't even let him finish watching the finale episode! RM also recommended the 2020 horror drama, Sweet Home. Not just that, in his birthday V-live, J-Hope recommended ARMY to watch When The Camellia Blooms and Crash Landing On You, as his personal favourites to watch. BTS' V who also acted in Hwarang: The Poet Warrior Youth recommended everyone to watch his best friend Park Seo Joon's drama Itaewon Class. Jungkook recommended Hotel Del Luna for ARMY to watch.


BLACKPINK's Lisa and Rosé gushed about their love for Guardian: The Lonely and Great God aka Goblin on Knowing Bros. Lisa even confessed that leading man Gong Yoo is her celebrity crush and her ideal type. BLACKPINK's maknaes have watched the drama multiple times and highly recommend everyone to watch the drama too.

3. Super Junior's Heechul

The Penthouse was loved by all of Korea and every K-pop idol recommended the drama. However, an avid fan of the drama was Super Junior's Heechul. He has often shared Instagram stories of watching the drama and his real-time reactions to the drama. He is close friends with Lee Ji Ah, who plays Shim Su Ryeon asking her for spoilers. Besides that TWICE, NCT, EXO's Baekhyun, BLACKPINK's Lisa and actor Lee Jong Suk are huge fans of the drama!

4. GOT7's Yugyeom

GOT7's Yugyeom is shy and soft-spoken most of the times, but he does have some good K-drama recommendations. Yugyeom recommended everyone to watch Descendants Of The Sun. He shared that he enjoyed watching the drama and found it very cool.

5. NCT's Doyoung

NCT's Doyoung highly recommends the 2016 slick thriller drama Signal as one of his top favourites. Signal tells the story of Hae-Young a criminal profiler and a police lieutenant. He works together with Detective Jae-Han from the past via the walkie-talkie. It is a genius show and Doyoung absolutely loves the show!

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So which K-drama from the list you are watching based on your favourite idol's recommendations? Share your thoughts with Pinkvilla in the comments below.


Anonymous : I love the film where taehyung acted that movie was the best of all. I don't even know wat is happening in this but I wanna say is that I love taeyungs and sugas movie
REPLY 0 3 months ago
Anonymous : Sky castle is indeed one of the best
REPLY 4 3 months ago
Anonymous : Moon lovers scarlet heart ryeo
REPLY 3 3 months ago
Anonymous : I'm watching sisyphus because of Rocky of ASTRO member:-)
REPLY 3 3 months ago
Anonymous : Well, I'm watching this drama also
REPLY 0 3 months ago
Anonymous : We all know why Jungkook recommended Hotel Del Luna :P
REPLY 14 3 months ago
Anonymous : Jungkook really love IU that's why he is recommending Hotel del luna... by the way it's actually a good show. Worth watching
REPLY 4 3 months ago
Anonymous : Plz stop shipping them , ur not a true army :(
REPLY 1 3 months ago
Anonymous : Penthouse is one of the best kdrama of suspense, thriller, mystery, love romance ,love triangle,schooling,comedy ,high status everything and even the star cast is just amazing and beautiful ❤️ in one single drama .waiting 4 penthouse 3
REPLY 2 3 months ago
Anonymous : I have already almost watch every kdrama list here...and my fav is Crash Landing On You.......
REPLY 3 3 months ago
Anonymous : Goblin...itaewon class...the king are all fantastic drama...signal also
REPLY 3 3 months ago
Anonymous : I've already seen Signal and I'm with Doyoung on this one. It's part of my top 3 favourites!
REPLY 0 3 months ago