Kim Jae Joong and Jin Se Yeon preview mischievous chemistry in new Bad Memory Eraser poster; See PIC

Bad Memory Eraser has released a new poster featuring Kim Jae Joong and Jin Se Yeon which previews fun chemistry between the leads in the upcoming rom-com. See the poster here.

Updated on Jul 04, 2024  |  04:08 PM IST |  43.9K
Bad Memory Eraser; Image: MBN
Bad Memory Eraser; Image: MBN

Kim Jae Joong, the singer and actor, is coming together with Jin Se Yeon for a coming-of-age romance drama soon. 

Finally, ahead of its release in August, the drama has released its first poster, giving a heartwarming glimpse into the fun-filled chemistry between Kim Jae Joong and Jin Se Yeon. 

Bad Memory Eraser unveils new poster featuring Kim Jae Joong and Jin Se Yeon

On July 4, 2024, the upcoming MBN mini-drama titled Bad Memory Eraser unveiled a brand new poster. 

The poster depicts Kim Jae Joong as Lee Kun and Jin Se Yeon as Kyung Joo Yeon. The poster depicts Kim Jae Joong, who sits leisurely on a chair with a mischievous smirk on his face and his arms crossed. He looks extremely charming as he subtly leans towards Jin Se Yeon, closing in the distance between them. 

The poster glimpses a fun chemistry between the two, which will make butterflies flutter while also hinting that they will be connected inseparably to each other. 

On the other hand, Jin Se Yeon takes over her role as neuropsychiatrist Kyung Joo Yeon as she beautifully dons a lab coat over her attire. She uses her stethoscope to playfully check Kim Jae Joong but instead of aiming at his heartbeat, she uses it on his head. 


Jin Se Yeon has an adorable, surprising expression on her face, which piques viewers’ curiosity as to what astonishes her. Kim Jae Joong and Jin Se Yeon both shared a playful and mischievous chemistry in the poster, adding to the excitement for the upcoming drama. 

Meanwhile, the poster reads, “Do you also have memories you want to erase?” hinting at the twists brought by the memory eraser, which is used to erase Kim Jae Joong’s memories in the drama. 

Check out the Bad Memory Eraser poster here:

Bad Memory Eraser poster

Know Kim Jae Joong

Kim Jae Joong is a singer, songwriter, actor, and director who is currently in the middle of plans to debut his own boy group under his label, iNKODE. 

Kim Jae Joong is a former member of the boy group TVXQ. As an actor, he is known for his roles in K-dramas SPY, Manhole, and Triangle.

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