Kim Ji Won is Ji Chang Wook’s manic pixie dream girl in the first episode of Lovestruck in the City

The first episode of Lovestruck in the City has officially aired and Ji Chang Wook can't help falling in love with Kim Ji Won.
The official poster of Lovestruck in the City. Kim Ji Won is Ji Chang Wook’s manic pixie dream girl in the first episode of Lovestruck in the City
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Lovestruck in the City, the brand new mini-series by KakaoTV premiered for the first time on Netflix on December 22. The drama features Ji Chang Wook as Park Jae Won, Kim Ji Won as Lee Eun Oh, Kim Min Seok as Choi Kyung Joon, Seo Ju Yeon as Suh Rini, Han Ji Eun as Oh Seong Yeong and Ryu Kyung Soo as Kang Gun. These are the main characters that are followed through a documentary-style narrative, exploring their love lives or the lack thereof.

Episode 1 of Lovestruck in the City stars off with an introduction of the characters followed by the premise whereby it is revealed that Jae Won has someone in his life that he will never forget and Eun Oh too, has someone in her life that she can never forget. The story shifts to the past where we learn how our protagonists, the male lead and the female lead of the central couple of the show, meet. Jae Won and Eun Oh meet on a trip where Jae Won has rented a camper van to spend his vacation on. Eun Oh is told to pick up a tall and handsome young man from the airport and even though she’s confused at first as to who she’s supposed to pick up, at the very sight of Jae Won, she knows it must be him. This woman is introduced as Yoon Sun Ah to Jae Won and her free spirit, full of spontaneity and just the right amount of feistiness, inevitably draws Jae Won to her.

As evening dawns upon them, the two keep stealing glances at each other throughout the night at a beach party. During the course of a game everyone’s playing, a man and a woman are called upon to pair up. While everyone else is too shy to pair up with someone from the opposite gender, Jae Won has made up his mind and heart about who he thinks is Sun Ah and takes a step forward to grab her hand. They two share eye contact for a moment which feels like forever as sparks fly.

However, this love story has already been prefaced by the fact that the two are no longer together. On the other hand, both Jae Won and Eun Oh openly admit that if they were to meet each other again and relive those moments, they would still choose to fall in love.

It will be interesting to see where this too good to be true love story goes with time, how it ends and how it (possibly) grows once again.

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