Kim Jung Hyun vs Seo Yea Ji: IMPORTANT lessons in Mental Health we need to take from this viral controversy

The raging controversy has provided enough fodder to netizens to gossip for a few more weeks. But one crucial aspect is being ignored - Mental health! Read on to find out.
Kim Jung Hyun and Seo Yea Ji were dating a couple of years back Kim Jung Hyun vs Seo Yea Ji: IMPORTANT lessons in Mental Health we need to take from this viral controversy
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All it takes is one google search to unearth articles with the most sensational headlines and click-bait content! 'Scandal' is a term used indulgently by South Korean tabloids when reporting an issue. A scandal broke out when actor Kim Jung Hyun of Mr. Queen fame was spotted with his Crash Landing On You co-star, Seo Ji Hye. Dispatch Korea, a paparazzi publication declared that the former co-stars were lovers in real life and that Kim Jung Hyun was planning to shift to his 'girlfriend's' agency. Culture Depot, Seo Ji Hye's agency firmly denied dating rumours, however, affirmed that Kim Jung Hyun was indeed trying to sign an exclusive contract with them.

Kim Jung Hyun's agency went on a tirade against the actor and revealed they went through painstaking lengths to cover his scandals. For those uninitiated, Kim Jung Hyun was heavily criticized for his rude behaviour towards Girls' Generation member, Seohyun during the press conference of their 2018 drama, Time. Subsequently, the actor left the show citing eating and sleeping disorders. The issue was forgotten as both the artists moved on from this disastrous experience. O& Entertainment revealed that Kim Jung Hyun's behaviour has been unprofessional and reminded him that they did try to cover up his 'girlfriend issues' during the making of Time.

All hell broke loose when Dispatch Korea went a step further and revealed that the 'girlfriend' in question was actress Seo Yea Ji, who manipulated Kim Jung Hyun into behaving rudely with Seohyun. Dispatch Korea leaked private chats between them where Seo Yea Ji is seen 'instructing' Kim Jung Hyun to be rude to everyone on set, specially Seohyun, and not film any romantic scenes with her. Kim Jung Hyun is playing the 'sweet and obedient' boyfriend who follows her instructions to the tee, even referring to himself as 'Stiff Kim'. The leaked chats became a major topic of discussion amongst netizens and K-drama fans worldwide. The international media had a field day digging into the actors' personal lives, trying to juice any scandalous information about them.

Several ex-workers went on a witch-hunt against Seo Yea Ji levelling bullying and school violence allegations against her. All of a sudden, there were 'blind items' about her being a dominating girlfriend who cheated on several men, a woman who uses and throws away men for pleasure and controls them. Several rumours reveal that actor Kim Jung Hyun was mentally tortured and harassed and almost drove him to the point of no return! 

The reactions to Kim Jung Hyun were slightly sympathetic. Netizens pitied him for falling prey to an 'evil witch' of a girlfriend and some mocked him for not being manly enough to overpower her. "Why didn't he just break up with her?", was the most common rhetoric that passed around like Chinese whispers. Seo Yea Ji eventually cancelled her film's premiere and retreated into a cocoon. After a delayed silence, Seo Yea Ji's agency Gold Medalist released a statement clarifying their stance. They expressed contempt over Dispatch Korea's role in the scandal and issued an apology to Seo Yea Ji's fans. Kim Jung Hyun too penned a heartfelt apology note for mistreating Seohyun, to the staff of his drama Time and his previous agency, O& Entertainment. He also apologized to Culture Depot for dragging them through this mess.

This is all that has happened in these few days and it is just the crux. The outer layer of what we, the audiences know. Only the concerned people know the actual truth. However, the question is - Is anybody even concerned to know the truth? Everyone wants a piece of gossip, something to talk about. I remember the moment the controversy broke out, my phone couldn't stop buzzing as all my friends sent me a message regarding the controversy. I was part of the juiciest discussions on Whatsapp discussing the matter, debating, and taking sides. 

Instagram and Twitter were abuzz with past pictures, alledged information, and slander. Everyone was so busy savouring the fodder from this junk that we largely disregard the most important aspect that needs to be bought to light - Mental Health. Almost immediately everyone divided themselves into two teams - Team Kim Jung Hyun versus Team Seo Yea Ji. Nobody cared to know the glaring and the only truth staring right into our souls is the complete disregard for mental health. 

All the stakeholders - Dispatch Korea, the actors, agencies, netizens, and opportunists got busy washing dirty linen in public, that they completely forgot to take important lessons from this mindless, viral controversy. First off, I believe it is a criminal offense to leak private chats about anyone on a public forum. It is a breach of information technology and an individual's privacy. How did Dispatch Korea get those leaked chats? Who allowed them to leak those chats in public? How do they get away with it so easily? Dispatch Korea has put many individuals lives' at stake for a few extra hits. It is a shameful criminal offense and Dispatch Korea should be held accountable for the same.

Kim Jung Hyun was suffering from eating and sleeping disorders that rendered his mental health to be in a poor state. Seo Yea Ji must have been through great agony and trauma dealing with this vicious witch-hunt against her. Actress Seohyun was dragged into somebody else's mess for no fault of hers and had to deal with painful emotions of her past as old wounds were reopened fresh. I admit it is a scandal, but scandals in the public eye have serious and irreversible repercussions. I believe media agencies, especially social media should act with restraint and sensitivity in such times. Disaster management should be done quickly and effectively before an issue spreads like wildfire. It is important to be sensitive and understanding to everyone's mental health, including those of celebrities. We never know the personal battles they are fighting in their lives and certainly, shouldn't make social media platforms a trial room for passing judgments on people. Be kind.

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Do you think mental health has been compromised on the issue?
Yes, fans and the media have been insensitive towards understanding the issue.

Anonymous 3 weeks ago

oof that boi is hmm hmmmm

Anonymous 3 weeks ago

I think this should go in their search engines..

Anonymous 3 weeks ago

This is probably the most sensible article I've ever read these past days. At the end of it all the ones affected are the people we put on the Spotlight. Your words may come to hurt people you don't even know.

Anonymous 3 weeks ago

I agree with you. Whatever the truth is I hope Seo Yea Ji overcomes it she is an excellent actress and this issue is an issue of the past.

Anonymous 3 weeks ago

The vultures descended on SEO ji. Attacked her mercilessly. U know y ? Because she's a woman. It's not about social media rules at all. It's about how these vultures were brought up