Kim Nam Gil and Jin Sun Kyu embark on a perilous journey in ‘Through the Darkness’ main posters

Published on Dec 29, 2021 03:41 PM IST  |  178.2K
Through the Darkness Posters
Through the Darkness Posters; Picture Courtesy: SBS

On December 28th, SBS's new Friday-Saturday drama 'Through the Darkness' released two main posters. It is a drama that depicts the story of the first profiler in Korea who had to fiercely look into the hearts of serial killers at the peak of evil at a time when unmotivated murders were on the rise. It is expected to be the first drama in 2022 and a well-made psychological investigation drama that SBS, a famous company for crime thriller dramas, will show ambitiously. 


The first main poster contains Kim Nam Gil and Jin Sun Kyu sitting opposite each other in what appears to be an interrogation room, and the second main poster contains Kim Nam Gil and Jin Sun Kyu walking side by side in the dark. The two people in the drama are the beginnings of profiling cases. Together, they chase a serial killer and struggle to read the serial killer's mind. Through the intense eyes of the two men in the poster, a strong will to chase after a serial killer is felt. 


It stimulates curiosity about the symbolic meaning hidden throughout the poster. The 'darkness' in the two posters seems to symbolize the evil heart they had to look into. Through the appearance of two men breaking through this darkness, it is expected that they will uncover the heart of evil. In addition, the lines that can be read as either "Why did you think you were the criminal?" or "Why did you think you were not the criminal?", depending on the view, also allows us to guess the intricacies of the two men who approach evil with all possibilities open. 

The series has received a lot of curious eyes from potential viewers and excited fans due to the gripping teasers, trailers, posters, etc. Expectations are rising as to what kind of story this special drama will tell through the actors and the script. The powerful aura of Kim Nam Gil and Jin Sun Kyu is admirable. There are no dynamic poses or explosive expressions, but the two actors captured the overall atmosphere of the character and the drama with impact only with their eyes and facial expressions. 'Through the Darkness' will premiere on Friday, January 14th, 2022. 

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