From Kim Seokjin to Seokjinnie: Look at BTS’ Jin's iconic airport looks that are etched in our minds

If anyone asks you what Kim Seokjin is really like, show them this article.
BTS Jin wearing a sunflower headpiece at the airport as a Run BTS punishment From Kim Seokjin to Seokjinnie: Look at BTS’ Jin's iconic airport looks that are etched in our minds
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You know BTS has made their way into your hearts when you can point to the exact date, place, and the why’s by just looking at their outfits. While we stream ‘Film Out’ and go in-depth with new Bangtan Universe theories, let’s reminisce the times the eldest member of BTS, Kim Seokjin, swept us off our feet in his fashionable airport looks!  


Kim Seokjin, the member that takes care of everyone, the all-rounder has given fans across the world a fair share of incredible airport moments that are difficult to forget. From finding RJ at an airport store in Bon Voyage and buying it on the spot to usually carrying his pillow with him, Seokjin has shown us his various avatars on the airport. 


In today’s article, we’re taking a trip down memory lane when Seokjin stunned us with his airport looks!


The one who showed off the Billboard ‘Top Social Artist’ Band

2017 was the year when BTS started breaking records in Western Music shows. Starting off with this much cherished memory of BTS being the first-ever Korean artist to win a Billboard Music Award. The group’s history-making records started off from this award. Among the likes of biggest Western music celebrities such as Shawn Mendes, Ariana Grande, Selena Gomez and Justin Biber, BTS bagged the ‘Top Social Artist’ Award for 2017 - showing the world their and their loyal fandom’s infinite power. For such a big feat, there was no way one wouldn’t walk with pride! As Kim Seokjin did just that. It was such an incredible feat for any Korean artist, that Jin, dressed up in his favourite oversized pink hoodie, held up the Billboard card which read ‘Top Social Artist’ to show it off to the world! 


The one who accepts his punishments wholeheartedly!



ARMYs will agree that ‘Run BTS!’ is probably the best variety show on the planet. The exciting challenges, the member’s betraying each other, - and so much more. As exciting the challenges are, the same amount of crazy are the punishments too! The favourite punishment for them and us fans are the weird clothes that they have to wear at the airports! Thanks to those crazy punishments, we saw Jin’s precious moments of wearing a Hanbok (traditional Korean wear) and a sunflower headpiece! In June 2019, Jin, SUGA and J-Hope returned to Korea wearing sunflower headpieces, leaving ARMYs guessing and excited! The answer was revealed months after in Feb 2020 - it was a Run BTS! punishment! The same was the case with this Hanbok!


The one who wore a straw hat at the airport 



In April 2017, Seokjin graced the Incheon international Airport with his cowboy looks, looking handsome! He wore a straw hat with a checked shirt paired with denims. ARMYs weren’t used to seeing Jin like this - he was either the most fashionable person or the most fluffy-looking person at the airport! Naturally, fans went crazy. Only in June was this mystery of Jin’s style changing solved when Bon Voyage Season 2 was aired! For Season 2, the boys had gone on a vacation to Hawaii and some of the members had bought straw hats to rescue themselves from the heat. Jin liked it so much that he even wore it while entering Korea.


The one with the chic styles 



Seokjin isn’t called World Wide Handsome for nothing! He can carry elegant, suave, casual and street-style clothes at any time of the day. The eldest member has talked about his personality off-screen many times on multiple occasions. He has said that he behaves all funny and goofy in front of the cameras, but behind it, he’s a generally reserved guy. And that side of his personality oozes when he dresses in a formal outfit. Just like this one tucked-in blue shirt and black pant outfit when the members were leaving for their Saudi Arabia tour. And the grey overcoat with a tucked in white t-shirt and black pants when they were leaving for Japan for the 2019 MAMA awards. 


The one with the best casual taste



Like we said above, Run BTS punishments are lovely, to say the least. In one episode, Jimin received the punishment of buying Jin clothes - which of course was released later. In October 2018, ARMYs saw Jin entering Korea with a bright blue Mona Lisa oversized Tshirt. Looking absolutely stunning, fans praised Jin’s choice. It was later revealed in the episode that this was actually Jimin’s gift to Jin! Another time Jin’s impeccable choice was showcased was when Jin wore a $615 USD Givenchy Paris Tshirt in 2018, looking extremely stunning! 


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These were our favourite airport looks! What were your favourite looks of Kim Seokjin that you can’t get out of your head? Let us know in the comments below!

Anonymous 8 hours ago

I mean he wasn't lying when he said he was world wide handsome.

Anonymous 3 weeks ago

I love the way he dresses. Very conservative. I think he shows the least skin among them.

Anonymous 4 weeks ago

World wide handsome Jin yeah... Y know....

Anonymous 4 weeks ago

official visual of BTS y'all

Anonymous 4 weeks ago

OMG so cute

Anonymous 4 weeks ago

Worldwide Handsome Jin is indeed a headturner wherever he goes.....all of the BTS boys actually...

Anonymous 4 weeks ago

Jin I am world wide handsome

Anonymous 4 weeks ago

Worldwide Handsome Jin is indeed a head turner wherever he goes....

Anonymous 4 weeks ago

He is so CUTE...