Kim Seon Ho reflects on his journey as an actor; Reveals wondering if he ‘deserves this much attention’

Kim Seon Ho recently opened up and reflected on his journey and growth as an actor in an interview with Dazed Korea. Scroll down to see what he said.
Kim Seon Ho reflects on his journey as an actor; Reveals wondering if he ‘deserves this much attention’
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Actor Kim Seon Ho recently spoke to Dazed Korea and opened up about growth in his career, life and more! When asked about how the actor has changed over the years in the industry, Seon Ho told the magazine that personally, the star believes he’s the same person. He also added: “I’m still lacking, and I consider myself a slow person. But I think I’m a person who does the things I have to do, want to do, and like to do in a slow but definite manner. That I’m confident about.”


When asked where he stands currently and his views on where he is in life right now, the actor told Dazed that he’s overwhelmingly grateful. And that sometimes he wonders if he deserves this much attention. Reflecting on being an actor, Seon Ho admitted that even though life has changed drastically, and he was unfamiliar with it initially, now he feels natural about it. He then added, “Still, I try not to forget my gratitude so that I don’t take it for granted. It feels like I got a big present out of the blue. I want to treasure this moment in my heart and remember it.”


On the professional front, Seon Ho is currently in talks to join a new romantic show with Moon Ga Young, who has also not confirmed her role. 


If you missed it, the actor recently got featured in Priyanka Chopra Jonas’ Instagram Story! The actress shared three screenshots, showcasing her movie--The White Tiger's top spot on the Netflix India charts, the UK and the US. While her eyes were on the position of the movie, we couldn't help but notice that South Korean star Kim Seon Ho appeared in her Stories. The actor, who has reached a new height of fame owing to the success of Start-Up, was seen on the poster of the K-drama in the story. The poster appeared under the Top 10 segment, recommended under "Feel-Good TV Shows." 


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Anonymous 4 weeks ago

I love his dimple smile ❣️. He is simple and ground to earth person

Anonymous 1 month ago

So humble

Anonymous 1 month ago

KSH is an incredible humble human being. Of course you deserve all the attention, recognition, and everything good coming your way. Stay strong and healthy always. God bless you and your family. Cannot wait to see your next project.