Kim Seon Ho renders an official apology towards ex girlfriend following gaslighting controversy

Updated on Oct 20, 2021 07:43 PM IST  |  217.6K
Kim Seon Ho at an event
Kim Seon Ho at an event (Pic credit - News1)

While, on one hand, Kim Seon Ho was enjoying some of his greatest professional highs with his hit tvN drama 'Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha'; on the other hand, his personal life hit rough waters when an anonymous netizen posted a detailed account about a certain 'Actor K' and how he forced her to undergo an abortion under the pretense of marriage. The veiled piece of gossip spread like wildfire and sources were convinced that the mysterious 'Actor K' is Kim Seon Ho.

A day after the allegations, Kim Seon Ho's management issued a formal statement, requesting fans to exercise restraint and confirmed that they were indeed verifying the facts with Kim Seon Ho. Now, a day after SALT Entertainment's statement, Kim Seon Ho has rendered an official apology towards his ex-girlfriend.

He apologised for posting a late apology and confessed that he experienced fear like never before, and hence took time to gather his thoughts. He admitted to dating the person in the past and apologised for his lack of consideration towards her. He stated that he wants to formally apologise to her in person and is waiting for the opportunity to do so. He also apologised to his well-wishers and fans for causing them concern and hurting their feelings. Finally, he expressed regret for his inconsiderate behaviour towards his colleagues and the various people who worked with him. 

Kim Seon Ho's management agency SALT Entertainment has also issued a follow-up statement in light of Kim Seon Ho's written apology. The agency issued a formal apology on Kim Seon Ho's behalf, apologising to his fans, well-wishers and colleagues for causing them undue distress due to Kim Seon Ho's private matters.

Not just that, they issued a clarification regarding rumours surrounding his contract status in a brief statement to publication MyDaily. They stated that the reports about Kim Seon Ho’s contract expiration are not true and it is not even time for him to renew his contract. They shared that they are currently organising their position and will notify fans of any further updates.

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Anonymous : This is a private matter between adults. No one can force one to have an abortion.Medical professionals would make sure a woman was choosing this option before proceeding.
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