Kim Seon Ho showered with love from 2D1N's DinDin, Kim Jong Min & True Beauty's Moon Ga Young on Start Up sets

Kim Seon-ho, who stars in Start-Up, shared photos of himself posing in front of the coffee and snack trucks he received from close friends and his 2D1N co-stars DinDin, Yeon Jung-hoon and Kim Jong-min as well as his Welcome to Waikiki 2 co-star Moon Ga-young.
Kim Seon-ho posed in front of the coffee and snack trucks he received from his close friends on Start-Up setsKim Seon Ho showered with love from 2D1N's DinDin, Kim Jong Min & True Beauty's Moon Ga Young on Start Up sets
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Kim Seon-ho, the man behind the latest edition of second lead syndrome as the loveable Han Ji-pyeong in Start-Up, was recently overwhelmed with all the love he received from his close friends in the industry, who sent over coffee and snack trucks to the sets of the popular tvN drama. Seon-ho took to his Instagram page to share handsome photos of himself posing in front of the customised trucks while his caption was filled with nothing but love for his co-stars.

The 34-year-old actor first shared close-up photos of himself, looking dashing in formal attire, while standing in front of his Welcome to Waikiki co-star Moon Ga-young's customised truck. "Dongsaeng, thank you for the surprise. I enjoyed the beverage," Seon-ho cutely wrote for the True Beauty star's thoughtful gift, via Soompi. The customised truck included a cute photo of the co-stars along with "I will be cheering on the Start-Up cast and crew to conclude in good health," written as Ga-young's message.

Then, Seon-ho was engulfed with affection from his 2 Days 1 Night co-stars, with whom he shares a very special bond. Kim Jong-min sent over a cute customised truck, the banner of which read, "Seon-ho, I am always cheering you on!! Gain strength until the end!!" Along with photos of posing in front of the truck while donning a plaid jacket, in his endearing caption, Seon-ho wrote, "Jong-min hyung, thank you!!! I will gain strength and focus," along with 2D1N's hashtag. Fans of the KBS variety show will remember the gesture done by Seon-ho in the snaps was a trademark 'focus' move of Jong-min's which had left the former in splits during one of the Season 4 episodes.

Finally, customised trucks were also sent over by DinDin and Yeon Jung-hoon as Seon-ho, in yet another dapper formal attire, stood in front of them for snaps. "Jung-hoon hyung... DinDin... Is it my birthday today? Who are we? Thank you," along with 2D1N's hashtag, heart and smiley emoticons. In response, DinDin quipped, "I sent it to Han Ji-pyeong. Do well until the end and come back to Kim Seon-ho."

Moreover, Seon-ho's Start-Up co-star Suzy also received a customised truck from her good friend Jo Hyun-ah of Urban Zakapa. Posing in front of the truck and even doing the heart sign, the 26-year-old actress shared the adorable snaps on IG and wrote as her caption, "This gave me a boost of energy! Thank you. This is how sweet she is," to which Hyun-ah wrote, "I love you," via Soompi. "To all the staff of Start-Up, you’ve worked hard! Dal-mi’s friend Jo Hyun Ah is treating you," the truck's banner read, referencing to Suzy's Start-Up character Seo Dal-mi.

Check out Kim Seon-ho and Suzy's IG posts posing in front of their customised coffee and snack truck gifts on the sets of Start-Up below:



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Heartwarming, indeed!

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Anonymous 2 weeks ago

Awesome scene with HJP & SD sharing lunch. Dialogue was succinct yet meaningful as HJP first made sure SD understand NDS did favors for her out of sincerity and strong feelings. Then HJP felt compelled to convey his own true feelings for SD. The writers did not let the characters to go further than that but it was clear SD did not doubt any portion of HJP's declarations about his own and NDS' feelings. It implies SD's growing regard and faith in HJP. This is also evident as she looked at him at the Demo Day orientation. Her face/eyes expression indicated that she understood HIP was again doing his best to help HER without making it too obvious yet again in his genuine but understated way. Some other fan wrote about a plausible happy ending for HJP and SD, and NDS Achieving his dream of success, fame and money in Silicon Valley. Keeping my fingers crossed that the writers will have it this way, otherwise, the whole thing a total waste of an excellent premise and beginning.. This even evokes undertones of classic Mr Darcy and Miss Bennett with an updated background of modern business and technology. I will reserve my congrats to the writers until I a see a satisfactory ending.