Kim Seon Ho's best moments from Start Up that had us swooning over him

Updated on May 09, 2021 06:05 PM IST  |  471.7K
Actor Kim Seon-ho performing at the '2020 MBC Song Festival' (Pic Credit - News1)

Happy Birthday, Kim Seon Ho! The talented and handsome actor turns 35-years-old today. Kim Seon Ho has been part of the entertainment industry for a long time, starting his career as a prominent theatre actor. However, he made his television debut with the 2017 drama, Chief Kim aka Good Manager. But it was the 2020 drama, Start Up that materialised his success and gave him worldwide recognition.

Kim Seon Ho played Han Ji Pyeong, a team leader at SH Venture Capital and a personal mentor to Samsan Tech and Seo Dalmi (Suzy). His sharp entrepreneurship skills and sound knowledge about the field of startups and investments earned him the nickname "The Gordon Ramsay of investments.” He is sharp-tongued and prickly on the outside, but for people who know him, vouch for the fact that he is actually kind, loving and has a giving nature. Today on Kim Seon Ho's birthday, let's take a look at our favourite Han Ji Pyeong moments that had us swooning all over him!

1. Han Ji Pyeong tying Haelmoni's shoelaces

Halemoni and Han Ji Pyeong's scenes deserve a separate place in K-drama heaven! In this particular scene, Han Ji Pyeong argues with Dalmi's grandma saying that she must be regretting sheltering him when he was a teenager. She scolds him saying that she would have loved and cared for him, regardless of the circumstances. Ji Pyeong becomes emotional and hides his tears from grandma, as he bends down to tie her shoelaces for her. We are already in tears!

2. Han Ji Pyeong getting to know that grandma is going blind

In one of the most heartbreaking sequences in the show, Han Ji Pyeong discovers that grandma is going blind. He turns up at her corn-dog shop to meet her, she is shocked to see his bruised face, his eyes well up and he hugs her tightly, apologising for not taking care of her as much as he should have. If this scene doesn't make you want to hug your own grandma, then I don't know what will!

3. Han Ji Pyeong and Seo Dalmi - unrequited love

The true testament to an actor's performance is not when they are in charge of the scene, but when they are the 'reactors' of the scene! In episode 15, Seo Dalmi speaks to Han Ji Pyeong apologising to him for rejecting his proposal. Han Ji Pyeong talks her out of her guilt and confesses that even though he is heartbroken, he will always be there for her as a friend and a mentor.

4. Han Ji Pyeong and Nam Do San - epic bromance

I cannot forgive the makers of Start Up for cheating us off an epic bromance between Nam Do San (Nam Joo Hyuk) and Han Ji Pyeong. However, they had their moments of bonding, especially towards the end when Han Ji Pyeong scolds Nam Do San for letting Seo Dalmi go and urges him to go after her, thereby, giving up on his love for Seo Dalmi. He sits in the car, heartbroken, consoling himself to be strong. Ah, feels!

5. Haelmoni will always be there for Han Ji Pyeong

We saved the best for the last, the final scene between grandma and Han Ji Pyeong will melt your heart into a puddle. Seo Dalmi and Nam Do San are celebrating the success of their company and In Jae and her mother return home, but midst all this nobody notices Han Ji Pyeong's absence. Grandma, who is now blind, visits Ji Pyeong. He is trying his best to hide his tears from her, but she can feel his pain. She cups his face and gently wipes his tears and tells him to never feel lonely as she is always there for him. This scene will have you drowning in your own tears.

Once again, we wish Kim Seon Ho a very Happy Birthday!

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