Kim So Hyun and Lee Ji Hoon confront each other with a defiant stance in River Where The Moon Rises

Kim So Hyun and Lee Ji Hoon are caught in a suspenseful sword fight in yesterday's episode of the show. Read on to find out.
Kim So Hyun and Lee Ji Hoon confront each other with a defiant stance in River Where The Moon Rises
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So far we know that Pyeonggang and On Dal had a tense run-in with Go Geon (Lee Ji Hoon), a general who longs for Pyeonggang’s heart, and Hae Mo Yong (Choi Yoo Hwa), a powerful woman who chases after Go Geon. Pyeonggang and On Dal looked stoic and unemotional expression, as they returned to the palace exuding a sharper and firmer aura. We saw Go Geon stand firmly by Hae Mo Yong’s side as they both confronted Pyeonggang. Throughout his entire life he had been determined to stand by Pyeonggang’s side, he now faces her with a cold expression. Now, the battle between them seems to have heated up even further.

Tensions seemed to have sparked between Princess Pyeonggang and Go Geon, played by Lee Ji Hoon. The two of them look at each other with a fierce gaze and wield their swords in each other's directions. Their faces are tense and angry as they confront each other with a defiant stand. Their army stands beside them still and unmoving, anticipating a bigger outburst in the future. Then the two draw their swords, just like they used to when they were teacher and disciple. They’ve gone through this ordeal several times, but this time, it’s more grave than ever before.

It is shocking to see how Go Geon was once Pyeonggang's biggest supporter and strongest advocate. He always harboured feelings for her and wanted to protect her at all costs. But now, he has teamed up with Hae Mo Yong and is Pyeonggang's biggest threat, an obstacle in her path to success. Tension reaches new heights in the pair’s confrontation and we wonder where this will take us? River Where the Moon Rises airs every Monday and Tuesday at 9:30 pm KST.

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Predict the future course of relation between Go Geon and Pyeonggang!

Where will Pyeonggang and Go Goen's relationship will go from here on?
Go Geon has made his choice with Hae Mo Yong and Pyeonggang is by On Dal's side. The lines are clearly drawn, the chances of reconciliation are low, but anything can happen in a drama!