Kim Young Dae opens up about his family & school life, about working in The Penthouse & more with W Korea

Updated on Apr 04, 2021 08:07 PM IST  |  1M
Kim Young Dae opens up about his family & school life, about working in The Penthouse & more with W Korea

From an ordinary student to a current fan favourite actor, it hasn’t been long since Kim Young Dae has been stealing people’s hearts. The 25-year-old actor hit a breakthrough through the character Joo Seok Hoon in ‘The Penthouse: War in Life’. In the W Korea photoshoot, Kim Young Dae embraced his gorgeous side wearing a Dior striped knit silk shirt showing off his charming looks and intense eyes. Personal favourite is the bootcut denim and cropped T-shirt with loafers from Gucci. Another impeccable photo is him donning Alexander McQueen’s monochromatic, shiny suit!


Coming to the interview, the actor has talked about the twists in the hit show The Penthouse and even his school and family life. The interview starts with calling ‘The Penthouse’ a guilty pleasure and Kim Young Dae talking about what happens when the actors first see the script. He said that the first thing the actors do is check whether they died or not in the episode. If not, then they breathe a sigh of relief and continue filming. He was even shocked to find out that his character’s love interest, Bae Ro Na dies in the second season and he ended up calling and asking her, ‘Hyun Soo, you’re going to die?’ and she didn’t know about it either!


Check out the gorgeous photoshoot of Kim Young Dae for W Korea below.





Talking about the effect of the makjang series, Jeon Yeo Ul, the feature editor of W Korea, asked him whether he expected this drama to work or not. Kim Young Dae then replied that he knew the power writer Kim Soon Ok held, so he knew that it would appeal to the middle-aged viewers as it involved themes like affairs, real estate and education. He was a bit skeptical at first thinking that a makjang like this would fit well or not, but he said that he is glad that even teens are enjoying the show. 


He then talked about the difference between his on screen character Joo Seok Hoon and him. He said, ‘People often misunderstand me. Since the character is cold, people think I’m very serious like Seok Hoon too but it’s actually the opposite. I am a very talkative person and I’m often told that I am a klutz.’ He also said that he had trouble playing Seok Hoon at first, as he thought each word would have to be ‘forced’ but then he has understood the character well now. 


When it comes to his personal life, he said that he has a younger sister who cares more about his well-being and less about the acting. She doesn’t give him much feedback but sends him a Kakao talk message to tell him to behave himself if he’s ever acting lazy! He also talked about how studying Industrial Trade at the prestigious Chinese university, Fudan University, made him connect and come closer with his parents. When asked whether his parents supported him for this career jump, he said that he had to beg on his knees to ask for a two year break from school! 


He also revealed that he entered the field thanks to his uncle bragged about him to his current agency - as they were looking to hire a new talent. He also said that he had been receiving offers since middle school, so it wasn’t a surprise. But as he was tired of just going with the flow with his studies, he finally decided to go headlong into this field. 


Well, we just want to say that we’re glad he chose this! Otherwise the industry would have lost another gem!


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