The King: Eternal Monarch co stars Lee Min Ho and Kim Go Eun REVEAL what they hope to achieve before 2020 ends

During a recent segment, Lee Min-ho and Kim Go-eun confessed the personal wishes they're hoping to accomplish before 2020 ends. Read below to know what The King: Eternal Monarch co-stars had to disclose.
Woo Do-hwan and Jung Eun-chae also shared their wishes The King: Eternal Monarch co stars Lee Min Ho and Kim Go Eun REVEAL what they hope to achieve before 2020 ends
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2020 blessed us with the monumental return of Lee Min-ho, post his mandatory military service, back to the world of dramas and that too as no less than a king. The King: Eternal Monarch proved yet again as to why the 33-year-old actor is such a revered Hallyu star. It also helped that alongside Min-ho's Emperor Lee Gon, we got a sassy performance from Kim Go-eun as Jung Tae-eul while her chemistry with the Boys Over Flowers star was nothing short of top-notch.

During a recent segment for The Swoon, the cast of The King: Eternal Monarch was asked the question: "Before 2020 ends, I'd like too..." "Everyone is going through a hard time right now. Many outdoor activities are restricted these days. There are many things we can't do even if we want to, so it makes me appreciate living an ordinary life more," Go-eun confessed while Min-ho showered love upon his fandom cutely named Minoz and revealed, "I'd like to see my fans from up close."

When Woo Do-hwan, who fans adored as Jo Young in The King: Eternal Monarch, was asked the same question, he confessed how he's done many projects without taking a break. Hence, the 28-year-old actor would like to have a good time with the cast and crew of The King: Eternal Monarch.

As for Jung Eun-chae, who played Prime Minister Goo Seo-ryung in The King: Eternal Monarch, the gorgeous actress hopes that everything will go back to normal and that everyone can stay healthy and be cheerful.

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What is it that you wish to accomplish before 2020 ends? Share your wishes with Pinkvilla in the comments section below.

Anonymous 4 months ago

I wish for no more people to die from disease. For everything to go back to normal and for Kim Go Eun and Lee Min Ho to do another show together

Anonymous 4 months ago

Eu gostaria que Lee Min Ho pudesse vir ao Brasil...

Anonymous 4 months ago

I wish to meet leemin ho next year or at least have a video chat with him lots. My most favorite actor. He is God blessed. His presence gives me so much of happiness.

Anonymous 4 months ago

I wish that next year most of the famous korean drama celebs visit India!!!!

Anonymous 4 months ago

Of all the celebrities who have shared what they intend to do before 2020 ends, it was amazing and admirable that only Lee Min Ho wanted to spend time with his fans. It was sooo nice and selfless of him to think of us, his fans, than doing something for himself. Makes you more adorable our king