The King of Pigs, a shocking tale of teen violence gets Kdrama remake

Updated on May 05, 2021 07:35 PM IST  |  322K
The official poster of The King of Pigs

For Korean entertainment fans, who fell in love with Korean live-action film Train to Busan and its sequel Peninsula, Yeon Sang Ho is not an unknown name. For people who don't know him, Yeon Sang Ho is a South Korean film director and scriptwriter known for the aforementioned films among his other works. According to reports, director Yeon's first feature-length animation, The King of Pigs, would be getting a drama remake. The film is a raw, dark, adult-oriented animation that shows the ugly, pitiless side of human debasement through Korean class inequality in a school setting.

The film is as symbolic in its imagery as Lord of the Flies, but stands out as it is based within the Korean society, though one as small as a high school. The pupils of the said school fall into two categories: dogs, those from privileged families, and pigs, the downtrodden underclassmen. The existence of pigs is for humiliation and abuse by the hands of dogs; which gets overlooked, or rather condoned, by the teachers. Until the status quo is disturbed with the arrival of a transfer student. Unlike the domestically reared pigs, this particular student is a wild boar that fights fire with fire.

The level of violence and gore in the animated film is similar to Korean action/revenge films, and some recent dramas. It is more graphic, considering the fact that it is animated. However, it is not artistic. The representation of pain is not poetic. It is real enough to make one wince. The process of fighting back is seriously disturbing but it demonstrates how cruelty dehumanizes.

The movie has been appreciated on various platforms. It is the first South Korean long animation film invited to screen at the Cannes Film Festival, in 2012, in the Directors' Fortnight section. The film won three awards at the 2011 Busan International Film Festival. In April 2021, The King of Pigs was voted the 71st best Korean film of all time on the Korean cinema website KoreanScreen's list of top 100 best Korean films of all time, making it the only animated film in the list.

Nothing much is known about the production other than an open audition this month. The audition would give the production its cast. It would be interesting to see how the drama would portray the subtleties of The King of Pigs.

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