The King’s Affection Ep 17 & 18: 5 blindsiding moments that changed the course of the story

A dive into the second last tumultuous episodes of KBS’ historical series ‘The King’s Affection’.

Published on Dec 08, 2021 02:08 PM IST  |  1.6M
The King’s Affection
The King’s Affection; Picture Courtesy: KBS2TV
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The King’s Affection has had a rollercoaster for a story with love triangles, hidden identities, betrayals and more! Episodes 17 and 18 were definitely shocking with the revealed secrets, twists and turns. The second last episodes gave the viewers many moments of sadness, longingness and some moments just left us flabbergasted.  

  1. Lee Hwi and Jung Ji Eun’s rumours 

The episode takes a turn when the palace roars due to the rumours surrounding Lee Hwi and Jung Ji Eun’s ‘closeness’. The rumours eventually reached Queen Dowager and Lee Hwi’s wife Queen Ha Kyung. While both the women confronted Lee Hwi, she vehemently disagreed but the suspicion did not die down. 

  1. Lord Changun and Wonsan’s efforts to bring down the King 

After discovering Lee Hwi’s secret, the two went on to try various ruses to bring Lee Hwi down. Prince Wonsan approached the Queen Dowager and made the pledge that the King must have been a twin since he found the umbilical cord. She brushed aside these concerns, convinced this is a mistake. Lord Changun frequented his local bar and began spreading rumours  about Lee Hwi being a woman. 

  1. Lee Hwi and Jung Ji Eun’s heartbreaking separation 

After the rumours, Eunuch Hong takes Jung Ji Eun aside to talk. He asks politely for Jung Ji Eun to hold off seeing Hwi for the time being and not visit her chambers. This is only compounded further when Ji Eun found out about a bridal letter. His mother implores him not to pursue Lee Hwi and sends a letter back to So Eun. Soon, after he comes to know his father knows the truth about Lee Hwi, he decides to break it off with Lee Hwi to protect her. Their separation was truly heartbreaking to watch. 

  1. Lee Hwi and Queen Ha Kyung’s awkward confrontation 

She lets Lee Hwi know that they have to share a blanket to put an end to the rumours. When Lee Hwi protests, she presses the issue and tells her that she must fulfil her destiny of having children. Ha Kyung presses her to tell her why she won’t sleep with her. In the end, Ha Kyung asks her to select a royal concubine to produce an heir if she doesn’t love her. However, Lee Hwi promises to tell her why she is doing what she is doing when the time comes and the two embrace each other as Ha Kyung cries into her shoulder. 

  1. Jung Ji Eun realises Lee Hwi’s true identity

After an intense confrontation with Lord Sangheon, Lee Hwi implores Eunuch Hong and Court Lady Kim to leave the palace or he would use them as leverage over Lee Hwi. The two begrudgingly leave but not until they met Jung Ji Eun and spilled secrets about Lee Hwi. They told Lee Hwi’s true identity, which left him without words. Jung Ji Eun rushes to Lee Hwi, who is burning everything from her past life. He calls her Dami and asks her if it’s really her. 

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