The King’s Affection EP 3 & 4: 4 moments shared by Park Eun Bin and Rowoon that will make your heart race

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After the action-packed first two episodes, The King’s Affection is back with two new episodes that dives further into multiple love triangles, squares, etc. Park Eun Bin does a great job of transforming into the ‘Ice Prince’ that has to keep everyone at a distance so they don’t see the storm that brews inside all the time. Rowoon, as the upright physician Jung Ji Woo, adds to Lee Hwi/Da Mi’s internal storm. Here are the 4 heartwarming moments shared by Park Eun Bin (Lee Hwi/Da Mi) and Rowoon (Jung Ji Woo) that will show their budding chemistry:- 

  1. First encounter between Da Mi and Jung Ji Woo as adults. 

After the beautiful cliffhanger, episode 3 delves into the riotous meeting between the two as they run away from Da Mi’s attacker and end up jumping off a cliff. The slow motion scenes of Jung Ji Woo being entranced by Da Mi’s beauty created a sweet atmosphere for the viewers. From saving Da Mi at every turn to Da Mi saving Jung Ji Woo when they fell into the water and he couldn’t breathe. As she swam towards him, he was reminded of his first love, Da Mi and wondered if she was the same girl that disappeared without any warning all those years ago. As he woke up at the shore, all he could think about was the mysterious girl that resembled his childhood love. 

  1. Da Mi realising and recognising Jung Ji Woo

Post the assasination, Da Mi visits a courtesan’s house to reprimand her step-cousin that tried to kill in rage. After a threatening conversation, Da Mi/Lee Hwi is, once again, saved by Jung Ji Woo and while talking she comes to know that the unknown physician is her love, Jung Ji Woo. The conflicting emotions flee across her eyes as she rejoices temporarily but soon regains composure, realising that she is no longer Da Mi but the Crown Prince Lee Hwi and she has to do everything in her power to protect her secret, even if it means to kill Jung Ji Woo. 

  1. Lee Hwi and Jung Ji Woo become tutor and student

Thinking she put the Jung Ji Woo chapter behind, she was shocked to know that he is now a big part of her life as a royal tutor because his father is a trusted soldier of her grandfather. She decides to do everything in her power to make him resign out of the position within his own volition and soon it was montage of transcribing books, cleaning the river-beds and anything that will push him to the edge but what she doesn’t know is that Jung Ji Woo, too, has a lot at stake in the job and nothing can pull him away. The wager scene was extremely intense as Jung Ji Woo puts his life on the line for a wager against the Crown Prince, which surprises her. The intense stare caused stirred emotions within Lee Hwi, which is why she spared his life. The lotus seed conversation allowed them to get closer as tutor and student when Jung Ji Woo explains his views of the Palace and its people as he has seen some truly horrible sights as a child. 

  1. The Ice Prince melts 

In a comical scene where Lee Hwi’s cousin, Prince Jae Woon, makes her run around the market to escape her bodyguard and Eunuch Hong so that she has a few moments to breathe and smile. During that, he also saves her from being splashed but has her hat get crumpled. Upon seeing that, he runs to find a new hat for her. Jung Ji Woon sees her standing in a corner as she waits for her cousin. He offers his hat and ties it for her too. In that scene, one can see the chemistry further deepening between them as Lee Hwi/Da Mi can’t help but fall for her childhood love. 

The first 4 episodes have been eventful, nostalgic and adventurous. We got introduced to more characters on the way and hope to see some more scenes shared by Park Eun Bin and Rowoon. 

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