The King’s Affection Ep 5 & 6: 5 characters that stole the show with their exceptional acting skills

Updated on Oct 27, 2021 04:12 PM IST  |  359.9K
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The King’s Affection is a Korean drama-romance TV series directed by Hyun Wook Song, based on Lee So Young’s comic titled Yeonmo. The series has 20 episodes and stars Park Eun Bin, Rowoon, Nam Yoon Su, Choi Byung Chan, and Bae Yoon Kyung, alongside other cast members. The King’s Affection episode 5 and 6 is 64 minutes long. There are some characters that just stole the show with their acting skills, great lines and one didn’t have lines but still had a lot of presence. 

Prince Jaeun 

Prince Jaeun or Nam Yoon Su has now entered the second lead syndrome after he stole the show with his concern, sweet smiles and thoughtful presents. Many fans had already suspected that he was aware of Lee Hwi’s real identity and Episode 5 proved our suspicions. Some said "Touch her again, I'll kill you"; "Harass her again, my sword will do more than just cut off a few beads." All the fans are now in love with our second lead and are sure to have their hearts broken along with them.

Kim Ga On

Choi Byung Chan has done a couple of roles but they always went with his cute personality traits but in this drama, his role as the brooding and mysterious Kim Ga On has totally floored the fans. With little to no lines, Kim Ga On has already expressed every emotion through his eyes. The calculating and stoic stance he takes on shows that he knows something more than the others. Many scenes in the previous episode and this episode suggest that he is out ot kill Lee Hwi but we guess only time will tell.

Eunuch Hong and Court Lady Kim

Eunuch Hong has the best comedic timing in the entire cast. His emotions are expressed so well that even a small expression can crack you up. His constant care for Lee Hwi can be seen through the various things he does over and above a Eunuch. Coupled with Court Lady Kim, they become the inner circle of protection for Lee Hwi. Even Court Lady Kim has unintentional comedic timing and great expressions. 

Jung Ji Eun 

Ep 5 and 6 brought out the cute and funny side of Jung Ji Eun when he realises that he may have feelings for Lee Hwi, another man. Without realising that Lee Hwi is actually a woman, he has many internal monologues and arguments over feeling warm after looking at Lee Hwi, which is its own funny scene. On the other side of the spectrum, he has also shown the concern and pain that he went through when his father betrayed him and the people who trusted him. Some fans were also floored by the ‘sword holding’ scene. Some were even reminded of a similar scene in another drama of his ‘Extraordinary You’.

The two episodes have shown some great love triangles, friendships and twists- let’s see what else is there to offer. 

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