The King’s Affection Ep 7 & 8: 5 incredible moments that had our hearts racing

Published on Nov 04, 2021 12:49 PM IST  |  383K
Stills from The King’s Affection
Stills from The King’s Affection; Picture Courtesy: KBS2TV

The King’s Affection has taken their own time in moving the plot forward but they did a good job at creating tension that further increased in EP 7 and 8. We finally got to see the tough yet soft side of Lee Hwi; the part that is a diligent King of the people. Jun Ji Eun further explores his feelings for Lee Hwi as he gets to see her emotional side but there is a tough conflict going on as he tries to sort out the fact that he feels for a man. The action scenes to the comedic and romantic scenes- the two episodes were jam packed and it’s safe to say that these two episodes are currently my favourite. 

  1. Crown Prince Lee Hwi comes to the rescue! 

After the cliffhanger in the last episode, episode 7 starts with Lee Hwi coming in defence of Jung Ji Eun and telling King Hyejong that she is the one who transferred the prisoners. She provides enough evidence that allows Jung Ji Eun to go scot-free, leaving only feelings of admiration and relief in his heart towards Lee Hwi. The determination, planning and her words took over the court like a powerful storm as one can see the king in her come alive. 

  1. Jung Ji Eun fights his feelings 

As he feels indebted to Lee Hwi for saving him, his feelings for her increases immensely as seen through his goofy smiles and funny antics around the Crown Prince. He thinks it's wrong to like another man, let alone the Crown Prince of Joseon, but that doesn’t stop him from admiring her further and even being floored by her actions like when she saved him from falling to the ground. The budding chemistry of the two equipped with a couple of funny antics creates an interesting atmosphere throughout the series. 

  1. Stubborn Crown Prince of Ming is shocked by Lee Hwi’s actions 

The Ming envoy finally reaches the palace and everyone is ready to receive them. Although Lee Hwi and Jaeun are welcoming and warm, the same cannot be said for the people of Ming. The prince, who is a guest, creates chaos and havoc, which Lee Hwi cannot take and rains punches on the arrogant guest. While Lee Hwi’s father was disappointed by his son’s actions, Jung Ji Eun comforted her. After many twisted secrets came out, Lee Hwi decided to meet the Prince of Ming one last time for confrontation and there we learned a lot about the resentment he held for Joseon and its people. Lee Hwi apologises on behalf of the nation and the people, which moves him. She also relates to his painful love story and decides to take his secret to her grave, further surprising the prince. The scene where the Ming envoy departs from the palace and he repeats the words about his hometown with softness and relief. This scene was subtle and powerful. 

  1. Jung Ji Eun and Kim Ga On’s comical relationship 

The episode also gave a sneak peek into one of the unexplored dynamics- Jung Ji Eun and Kim Ga On, which proved to be comical with Jung Ji Eun’s expressive and child-like behaviour, which is a complete opposite from Kim Ga On’s stoic stature. In one scene where Jaeun, Lee Hwi, Jung Ji Eun and Kim Ga On were drinking together and the hilarious ‘Tom and Jerry’ dynamic can be seen between the two as Jung Ji Eun wants to go closer to Lee Hwi but Kim Ga On chases him away. Even the scene of Kim Ga On dragging Jung Ji Eun by his arm away got us rolling in laughter! We are definitely looking forward to seeing more of them together. 

  1. Drunken Kiss 

Lee Hwi goes out for a stroll and goes through the secret door in the garden. Once on the other side, she is shocked to find her old home, which was previously dilapidated and is now strikingly beautiful. Admiring the beauty, she is shocked to hear Jung Ji Eun calling out to her. They chat about the place and how he spruced it up and then he asks her not to smile like that – making it a bit awkward. However, it is pretty apparent that he is totally swooning over Yi-hwi and after a gulp of alcohol, he musters up the courage to kiss her on the cheek, shocking her. 

The two episodes definitely had a lot of ups and downs, keeping us gripped to our seats for more! The upcoming episodes hint at a new jealousy angle so let’s see how the relationships get further tangled. 

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