The King’s Affection Ep 9 & 10: 5 palpable and romantic moments that will leave you in a daze

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 In the previous episode, we already witnessed the confused Jun Ji Eun due to the strange feeling he experiences every time he is with Lee Hwi and the transformation of Lee Hwi as a crown prince. We will be taking a deeper dive into the word “affection” itself. The series challenges viewers to define the word affection in a more diverse way. Although the drama is charming and light, the love story from all of the characters is bittersweet and complicated.

  1. Lovesick Jun Ji Eun

Episode 9 begins with Jun Ji Eun (Rowoon) having a sweet dream of kissing Lee Hwi (Park Eun Bin) but wakes up in shock at the feelings he is having, which just seems to get stronger over time and soon, he also remembered the actual kiss they shared, feeling embarrassed for the way he acted. He continued with his goofy antics of fighting his feelings while simultaneously falling further for Lee Hwi. He apologizes and seeks forgiveness from Lee Hwi. She awkwardly let his mistakes slide saying that it’s something worth laughing about. In return for his help, Hwi gives Jun Ji Eun a gift that makes dancing through the trees until he realizes that the other royal tutor also received the same gift. 

  1. New Love Triangle

Jung Chae Yeon finally makes an appearance as the clumsy and childish girl Han Gyeong, the daughter of the Minister of War as well as So Eun’s friend. Being the clumsy girl she is, Han Gyeong almost trips herself. Thankfully, Lee Hwi happens to pass by and hold her so she won’t fall. Of course, Hwi’s other intention is to protect her secret little garden. Lee Hwi asks her to not wander around the Palace alone and leaves. Meanwhile, Han Gyeong is charmed by her. More so, after realizing that Lee Hwi is the crown prince. 

  1. Jun Ji Eun’s confession to Lee Hwi

After realising that the kiss was real, Jun Ji Eun runs to confess his feelings to Lee Hwi. The setting was perfect to confess love- a lotus-filled pond, fireflies everywhere and a light breeze. While holding the precious dice, Jun Ji Eun confesses his feelings. “I have a deep affection for you, Your Royal Highness,” says Jung Ji Eun. “…Even though you’re a man and the Crown Prince of this nation, I.. love you.” 

  1. Jun Ji Eun and Lee Hwi’s embrace 

To affirm his feelings, Jun Ji Eun bravely asks Lee Hwi to embrace him. Eunuch Hong is bewildered upon hearing his request. Ji-Woon states how he has been feeling like a mess lately. Lee Hwi looks at him with those tender eyes and embraces him. “I hope you find your strength,” says Lee Hwi. The scene was beautifully crafted because one can see that Jun Ji Eun confirms his feelings with the hug and Lee Hwi feels emotional hugging her first love one last time before she is further thrust into the royal world of promises, duties and being a servant to the country. 

  1. Jun Ji Eun and Lee Hwi’s Day Out 

After rejecting Jun Ji Eun, Lee Hwi ends up in front of his house and they end up going out to the market and having fun. The entire time, they do goofy things and just smile all day long. As the day comes to an end, Jung Ji Eun asks Lee Hwi again why she came to meet him. She says that she wonders what it feels like to live a normal life and just be yourself. She has lived her whole life competing with others and meeting expectations and although people might want to live their lives like her, she envies people who live normally. Ji-un tells her that she can be herself, at least with her. Lee Hwi then gives him a letter for a better position and he asks her whether she wants him to leave. She says although it may sound selfish, she is about to get married soon. This is her answer to his feelings for her.

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