The King’s Affection stars Park Eun Bin, Rowoon & more open up on why they chose the drama and what to expect

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Park Eun Bin & Rowoon at the press conference for 'The King's Affection'
Park Eun Bin & Rowoon at the press conference for 'The King's Affection' : courtesy of Netflix

‘Affection’, for someone they cannot admit it to. A liking, a hidden feeling, a silent confession and a secret admission. ‘The King’s Affection’ press conference began on October 8 at 2 PM KST (10:30 AM IST) as actors Park Eun Bin, SF9’s Rowoon, Nam Yoon Su, VICTON’s Byungchan, Bae Yoon Kyung and DIA’s Jung Chaeyeon got together with director Song Hyun Wook for a talk about their upcoming drama.


All the stars almost blinded us with their presence as they sat pretty in the room, dressed in fashionable dresses for the women and neat suits for the men. As the main trailer for the show began, a story of a disguised princess in the role of a prince unwounded with a series of good and not so good happenings around her.


As her own father, the King forbids his subjects to have twins, she is left without anyone to support her birth. With order being sent out for her death, the King’s royal consort wishes to save her own daughter. Away from the eyes of everyone, the child is spared death and raised when suddenly a few years later the King’s son passes away. In order to hide the prince’s death and give a new life to the banished princess, she is brought back to the palace to act as the Crown Prince henceforth.


The King's Affection


This however is not an easy task as biting remarks of the Grand Queen Dowager (played by Lee Il Hwa) meet the ears of the Crown Prince very frequently. Royal politics finds itself mixed with an innocent life, Crown Prince Lee Hwi. He shields himself by becoming the ‘Ice Prince, asking guards and court ladies to stay 5 feet away from him, expressing anger by throwing tantrums and doing everything to make them believe that he’s the original prince. 


Enter Jung Ji Woon, the tall, handsome, and miraculous teacher from sikangwon, a learning academy especially for teaching the Crown Princes of the nation. As he enters the palace to help Lee Hwi with his education, he is met with a shocking confrontation, his feelings for the Crown Prince. Love at first sight story like no other, ‘The King’s Affection’ shows the tale of how life pans out for the two of them as they battle confusing love, politics, secrets and more.


The King's Affection 1


Director Song Hyun Wook spoke about the various genres of romance, action, melodrama and more being woven into the story. He also mentioned the reason behind choosing each actor for the particular role. He felt as though Lee Hwi had come to life with Park Eun Bin. With Rowoon and Jung Chaeyoeon, it was their past works. Song Hyun Wook also mentioned how he never realised just how tall Rowoon was and hence had to cast other actors who were over 187 cm to form a rival situation. Nam Yoon Su came to be known to the director because of his famed Netflix series (Extracurricular) while Byungchan’s striking visuals got him the role. Bae Yoon Kyung has previously worked with the director and so was a personal pick.


Park Eun Bin talked about her character Lee Hwi and wished that people would not approach it with dichotomy. She also mentions how the focal point of the story is a never-seen-before setting as a female King is on its way. Remembering the history of Korean Kings who have all been males, she emphasizes the uniqueness of the drama. 

The King's Affection 2

Rowoon spoke about a line in the script that has since been removed, which struck him. He also mentioned how his character Jung Ji Woon has a secret of his own that might shock the viewers once it is revealed in the drama.

The King's Affection 3

Nam Yoon Su, termed ‘daddy long legs’ among the cast, is known for his delightful smile which Lee Hyun, his character, carries throughout the drama even though he cannot confess his feelings. His portrayal of a royal man was said to be looked out for.

The King's Affection 4

Byungchan very eloquently remarked how his role as Kim Ga On, a quiet guard to Prince Lee Hwi has thoughts of his own that he only conveys through his eyes. The director mentioned how he was not aware of the fantastic vocal skill of the actor which wasn’t much used as his character does not have many lines.

The King's Affection 5

Bae Yoon Kyung was a top pick for the role of Shin So Eun, daughter of a minister and clever in her actions who falls into a one-sided love with Jung Ji Woon and does not understand why it is not reciprocated.

The King's Affection 6

On the other hand, Jung Chaeyeon acting as No Ha Kyung develops feelings for Crown Prince Lee Hwi without knowing that it’s a woman in disguise.

The King's Affection 7

Bringing an end to the event with last comments, a quiz to describe the drama in five words left the cast laughing, as they thanked the press and asked their fans to tune in to ‘The King’s Affection’ that starts airing on October 11 at 9:30 PM KST (6 PM IST) on KBS2.


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