From Kingdom to Crash Landing On You: Meet the mastermind female writers behind your favourite shows!

[All the direction and the dialogues and the scenes you like, were meticulously written before by the show’s screenwriter. Often being overshadowed by the actors and characters, take a look at the finest female KDrama writers.
From Kingdom to Crash Landing On You: Meet the mastermind female writers behind your favourite shows!
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If we ask you to list down your favourite shows, or the top shows from your favourite actors, how many seconds would it take for you to list them down? Around two minutes? The dramas could range from Cheese In The Trap, Sky Castle, Legend of The Blue Sea, Kingdom, Crash Landing On You to anything else. But what if we ask you to list down the writers who made these incredible stories actually possible? 


Writers work and rework the script, till it becomes the absolute amazing material that reaches us. A good script definitely brings out the best in the actors, and goes a long way towards making the drama attain fandom (and sometimes, a cult) status. While some of our favourite show writers have received high acclaim from their counterparts around the world, and have won several awards, sadly, not many people know about them. With shows spanning genres like supernatural, comedy, tragedy, romance and so much more, in today’s limelight, we’re shifting the focus to the writers. 


Let’s get to know more about the masterminds behind your favourite dramas!


Kim Eun Sook

A top notch writer, Eun Sook has been honing her craft since her debut drama ‘Love In Paris’, became a commercial success overnight. Since then, several of her works like ‘On Air’, ‘Secret Garden’ and ‘A Gentleman’s Dignity’ won her accolades at Baeksang Arts Awards, Seoul International Drama Awards and Korea Drama Awards to mention a few. However, the dramas that brought her worldwide recognition, are even more excellent, if that can be believed. Having been the brains behind epic shows like ‘The Heirs’, ‘Descendants Of The Sun’, ‘Goblin’, and ‘The King: Eternal Monarch’, she is a top tier writer for the industry. Her new drama ‘Scripting Your Destiny’ recently released in March, and has been gaining wide viewership.


Park Ji Eun

Having been working in the industry for more than a decade, Ji Eun has developed a ‘feel’ for the audience. Writing dramas that usually involve a good amount of romance and an emotional quotient, her work has been some of the most famous ever released. Being known for making her characters sarcastic, her dry sense of humour is much loved. Her works involve ‘Queen of Housewives’, My Husband Got A Family’, and ‘The Producers’. However, her most trending dramas are ‘Legend Of The Blue Sea’ and ‘Crash Landing On You.’ An amazing writer to say the least.


Park Hye Ryun

Park Hye Ryun has a strong hand. There, we’ve said it. Her ability to write is phenomenal. Perhaps, one of the few writers who makes even her supporting cast intriguing, it is gross neglect that the worldwide audience isn’t familiar with her name. Having created dramas like ‘Dream High’, ‘I Hear Your Voice’, and ‘While You Were Sleeping’, have earned her quite a lot of accolades within the industry. And yet, her most prolific dramas came in a while later. ‘Pinocchio’ and the recent hit ‘Start Up’, were one of the most watched shows across the world. Clearly, her skill with words is as smooth as her plotlines. 


Hong Sisters

Hong Jong Eun and her sister Hong Mi Ran are a writer duo that have delivered several hit dramas over the years. Like a particular niche that an artist develops over time, the Hong sisters have been pulling out rabbits out of a hat for their audience. Specialising in epic, fantasy-romance stories, their shows have set a definite benchmark in the industry. Having written shows like ‘Hotel Del Luna’, ‘The Master’s Sun’, ‘My Girlfriend Is A Gumiho’ and ‘You’re Beautiful’, they are very high in demand. Usually writing characters with a strong work ethic and high determination, their signature style is very apparent to observant fans.


Song Jae Jung

A writer with a different outlook, Jae Jung has been writing experimental shows for a while now. Her desire to push the boundaries, reflects in her choice of dramas. Even though her dramas are not entirely unique, they are certainly different enough to create a break from the monotony. Leaning towards the fantasy genre, her works usually involve time-travel or science fiction of some form. Her dramas like ‘Queen In Hyeon’s Man’, ‘Nine: 9 Times Time Travel’, and the recently trending ‘W - Two Worlds’, were like a breath of fresh air. Building a complex, but good storyline, with believable character arcs and world history, the shows have earned their share of accolades. She takes her viewers through many twists and turns which we are all so grateful for! Her upcoming drama ‘Yumi’s Cells’ starring Kim Go Eun looks highly intriguing, and we can’t wait for it!


Now you know the people who created your favourite show from a clean slate! People who 

actually made all the shows you so whole-heartedly, real!


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Do you have a favourite writer? Let us know in the comments below!

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Please post pics of these talented women!